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One Northern City

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Russian northern city

In Russia there are plenty of small cities built deep far North near some kind of natural resource excavations. We had those diamond mines – it could be called the king of such settlements because we all know how much diamonds cost. But there are different other towns based around things like oil, gas, coal and some rare metals mining facilities which give jobs to majority of population.

This one is located almost at Pacific coast of Russia (yes Russia has Pacific coast too!) and was founded around enormous layers of coal back many years ago in Soviet times.

Later it was sustained by the mining, then after Soviet Union collapse the coal mining still was active so the town survived all that times.

The majority of currently living there people moved there from European parts of Russia but there are still natives living around, eating raw meats and having deer skin covered huts in which they live even at most freezing times of the year. People joke that when civilization would fall all those modern houses and facilities would crumble to dust but the natives would not notice all this modern stuff gone.

Russian northern city 2

Russian northern city 3

Russian northern city 4

Russian northern city 5

Russian northern city 6

Russian northern city 7

Russian northern city 8

Russian northern city 9

Russian northern city 10


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21 Responses to “One Northern City”

  1. amerikanyetz says:

    That makes me hungry for some fermented yak butter

  2. Mr. Rabinovich says:

    This is not like Israel, the best country in the world.

  3. godsky says:

    Hmm, Might add this to the list of places to visit in russia

  4. Denis says:

    This town is called “Nerungri”, I am non sure about spelling.

    I lived there for about 12 years, however, I have never seen natives eating raw meat.

    This place is located in North Siberia with -40-50 in winter and +20-40 in summer.

  5. Chris says:

    Better visit soon; the Chinese are going to take over Russia. Russia is aborting itself to death.

  6. Nafets says:

    Really like those images<3

  7. who dares wins says:

    “This one is located almost at Pacific coast of Russia (yes Russia has Pacific coast too!)”

    No way!! You learn something on here every day.

  8. totenkopf says:

    looks cold… i bet it feels even colder

  9. Shycookie says:

    I like the pics with snow in June… so cool to have snow in June… :)

  10. Grinya says:

    It’s unbelievable that young soviet people left his comfortable places and gone to unhabitant lands to build new cities. The great will.

  11. PRN says:

    This place will soon be part of USA!

  12. ole says:

    i like the monster truck popping a wheelie

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