9 New Passenger Terminal “Vnukovo”

New Passenger Terminal “Vnukovo”

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New passenger terminal of airport “Vnukovo” has been building in Moscow. After the construction is done it’ll be the biggest airport in Moscow with the ability to serve about 20 million passengers per year.

Project “Vnukovo-1” is based on development of “Obermayer” company and keeps it’s solutions about technology of the building, plan external dimensions, including plan solutions. Terminal building is a single whole building, with the T-shape form, going inside of planes parking place. Complex is divided into two equal parts: home and international flights zones.

New passenger terminal will cover 250 thousands of square meters and carrying capacity of 7800 passengers per hour.02

3. Terminal was supposed to start working this year and in 2010 be completed but now lead-in date is postponed at least for one more year.


Terminal building has a smooth shape which reminds fuselage of the plane, nose of which is directed towards airfield and tail-end is facing the airport land side in the shape of arch welcoming people.


Designed solution is a two-zone isotropic envelope with the base of triangular cell, colon supported without intermediate members. This is a gallery side elevation for international flights.


There is a dispatching office on 40 meters height. It is a center of the square composition in the flight room with the service department for passenger around it.


Workers are finishing assembling of the front elements.


Motor overpass construction has been finished already.


Now builders live here but in the future it will be a parking place.


It is a beautiful view from the dispatching tower.


Airport building is a government airport; Guard of Honor Company is getting ready to meet foreign delegates.


Next to it new dispatching tower was built in 2006.



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9 Responses to “New Passenger Terminal “Vnukovo””

  1. polish jew says:


    this is so massive!

  2. The Bulgarian says:

    Exactly how many airports does Moscow have? The first few pictures look similar to Domodedovo airport. There are Sheremetievo 1 and 2, is this completely new?

    • Sergei says:

      Vnukovo airport has been in operation since 1941.. It only became international in the past decade or so I believe..

  3. Mr. Rabinovich says:

    I have seen better.

  4. Ali says:

    my favourite airport is Pulkovo..

  5. madachode says:

    It will fall down within 6 months due to third world construction. All third world construction fails after a few months due to the lack of skill by the engineers and workers. Not educated enough to find their way out of a broken paper bag let alone trusted enough to build anything of this scale, by the way, the third world should not be flying airplanes anyway, too complicated for them to understand.

  6. madachode says:

    pay back the IMF loans before building anything.

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