15 Unwanted Atomiс Submarines

Unwanted Atomiс Submarines

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The village of Porchinikha was made by soldiers as a base for atomic submarines. It’s the most northern point of the Kola Peninsula on the Barents Sea shore with the road. There are mistakes in maps, soviet cartographers put this road on the map instead of a corvine path. Drive on the off-road? I wouldn’t be that sure.

I found this place long time ago, when discovered a world of geocashing in 2004. One of the virtual caches buried here as well. It’s amazing but since 2003 (the date of the cache burying) no one took it, everyone puzzled: “Is it a foot or a water path?” Everyone saw satellite photos and couldn’t get how it is possible at all to get here without taking off the ground.

Just look at the POL barrels on the other side. Most of the buildings are demolished peace by peace slowly.


Guess, what is it? Do you think it is a bus stop? Or a berth? No, it is just a mere ordinary toilet, there are two holes in its bottom right below water and the surf plays the role of sink.


Many interesting boxes were brought here. And just left to rest in peace.


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15 Responses to “Unwanted Atomiс Submarines”

  1. Allen says:

    Ah ha, FIRST, yet again!!

  2. Taupey says:

    Do you mean air instead of oxygen?

  3. Musa says:

    You can pee, poop and wash your hands in same surf! Soviets so efficent!

  4. w says:

    hey these stolen photos contain no submarines

  5. With these picture, I want go out for free, only want to beguilement.I felt that now I am wear the stripes.

  6. obama says:

    stolen photos

  7. Boris Berezovsky says:

    I stole all money.

  8. deezee says:

    peace by peace or piece by piece?

  9. Nell Trani says:

    Other than the movie 21? That’s the most popular place i’ve heard it, besides salty sailors from my old sub days.

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