16 Strange Cloud

Strange Cloud

Posted on October 9, 2009 by

Pretty strange cloud has been spotted in the skies of Moscow yesterday.

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16 Responses to “Strange Cloud”

  1. flatch says:

    wtf is that?

  2. hebac says:

    jebem vam mater pravoslavnu

  3. Mister India says:

    OMG this is the most beautiful sunshine Russia never had! darkland

  4. Karlip(estonia) says:

    Looks like a trick from our friend Wind.

  5. Adolf Hitler says:

    Nazi UFO technology in action!

  6. Satyajit says:

    The only words from the lady’s voice in the background with I understood were “twenty six” and “fourteen”…

  7. VTV says:

    This thing would have moved out of shot fairly quickly at the speed she was driving, unless it was moving with her…and in that case we’d have seen some suggestion of motion up in the air. This is obviously something altered and inserted in editing software.

  8. dude says:

    looks like a test from a HAARP-like system :D

    the US-HAARP can put holes in the sky, just google :P

  9. sergei says:

    It’s time to pray

  10. Vladimir80 says:

    I suggest you google “Ice Halos.” It is a natural occurance.

  11. Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

    Aliens is coming for our asses!

  12. Excellent site, where did you come up with the knowledge in this posting? Im pleased I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.

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