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Russian Barocco

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Russian Barocco

What’s “Russian Barocco”? Obviously it’s an architectural style and it has been pretty popular among modern Russian riches.

They build real “palaces” made in a 19th century style. Hundreds of them built across the Russian river coasts.

Meet one of them. Called to be the pearl amongst of its kind. It’s even has a Russian orthodox church building embedded into the house, probably with a “court” priest living there.

It’s pretty hard to understand how they stay sane being in the interiors like this, but probably they got used.

Russian Barocco 2

Russian Barocco 3

Russian Barocco 4

Russian Barocco 5

Russian Barocco 6

Russian Barocco 7

Russian Barocco 8

Russian Barocco 9

Russian Barocco 10

Russian Barocco 11


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52 Responses to “Russian Barocco”

  1. Martin says:


    • maxD says:

      According to the text it’s build as a hommage to the monarchy and for representational purposes. So it is not really a home. But it is still tasteless and lacks style and class. Shamefull.

    • Kosmania says:

      It’s good to hear that the the royal family of your country is still alive to date, feed them well with your tax money

  2. Mr. Rabinovich says:

    Looks like a lot of money was invested to build this.

  3. perristalsis says:

    Looks like a poorly designed funeral home, Elvis woulda loved this place.

  4. Taupey says:

    It’s WOW… I couldn’t live in a house like that.

  5. audreyLh says:

    That gives me a headache

  6. YJ says:

    You will never be able to sleep in that house.

  7. Taupey says:

    Now lets see here…who should I impersonate next?I have done Taupey and SSSR and Jason!

    Hummmm…who will I do next??

    • Taupey says:

      In case you didn’t know Fake Taupey I’m a woman and only Comedians, Mentally Confused Transexuals and Gay cross-dressers try to impersonate women. Everyone here knows your not a Comedian.

    • TaupeyAna says:

      Fake Taupey you could die and no one would care!

  8. Hobbit says:

    The nightmare is not the gold, but the poor крепостной who suffered so it could be built. One day the крепостной will united and throw them out. It happened once, but the Soviet leaders did the same to the крепостной. It happened a second time, this time the Soviets were thrown out and now the крепостной are again under the weight. Sad to see the leaders and form of government changes, but the only change is who is putting it to the крепостной. (крепостной is commonly translated as serf. If offically ended in the 1800s, but the mindset lives on.)

    Why not build a better life and world for the Russian people? Why build such house?

  9. CZenda says:

    I love the wiring and lighting seen on the last picture – just the finishing touches the place needed :-D

  10. 190R says:

    That’s not like IKEA! ))) I don’t want live there but why not? Is honeycomb better?

  11. Toby Esterhase says:

    I agree that the design is very gaudy, however the craftsmanship that built it is amazing – assuming it was built well. Does anyone know where exactly this place is?

  12. jim-bob says:

    It’s beautifully done and probably has very nice craftsmanship. That being said, it’s more than a little tacky. Not my style either as I tend to be a bit more minimalist, but I could live there. It’s not like it is a bad place to live, especially compared to some of the horrific Moscow apartments that have been featured here.

  13. maxD says:

    MTV-Cribs, all over again.

    The taste of the working class, that still believes in fairy tales. On top of that, showing off if you can is the standard in russia. Poor people should feel lousy and humble when confronted with money. Disgusting and a waste of fine craftsman ship.

  14. Ms. Petrovna says:

    It was a nice style, a long time ago.

  15. JJ says:

    It made me sick just looking at all this…

  16. Kilroy Was Here says:

    Beautiful. If you have it, flaunt it! I’m sure it’s peaceful out there too. I’m sure and runway, or at least a helicopter pad is quite near.

  17. dear me says:

    i am planning a porno-orgy movie in this place – whare is it?


  18. Poobar says:

    I feel much sorrow for these peoples. They must have cannon to scare away robbers> I am wery sad for them.

  19. OLUT says:

    It looks like they live in a giant Fabergé egg!

  20. Bijdehans says:

    I still wonder why Russia went from “Nobody is allowed anything” to “Some people can afford everything while the rest can envy them”…

  21. Mary says:

    LEPOTA !!!

    • Other says:

      Well, I speak Russian and could not find anything about museum in this place.
      In fact it says that the owner of palace was born in Vyritza (check picture marked as page 270)
      So it is private property and jacuzzi there meant to be used.

  22. Shycookie says:

    I’m suprised ther are no russian speaking commenters here.
    on one of the photographs the text clearly states that this is not someone’s house.. It will be used as a musem and for high level meetings (like governments or Gazprom AGM’s probably :) )

    Page 270 says that this was ordered by someone who was originally born in that village.

    • maxD says:

      That is exactly what I wrote, but my comments were ‘awaiting moderation’, meaning: not to be posted. Museum… there is nothing art-like or antique to be seen there… just kitsch.

  23. amerikanyetz says:

    If Bill Gates was a Puerto Rican pimp his house would look like that.

  24. Antonio666 says:

    врядли в IKEA можно чтото выставить в музей.
    а этот стиль барокко токо для избранных, и у этой VIPэлиты врядли есть какие либо сомнения в правильности вкуса.

  25. LSNM says:

    Interesting. Sort of a Baroque Dollhouse for real people. I don’t have any trouble imagining people living there. However, the narrowness that seems to be there from the pictures that were taken makes it seem very claustrophobic. Thanks for the look-see.

  26. Jim-Bob says:

    It almost seems like an over reaction to the bland greyness that was the typical apartment during communist times. Like the owner is desperately trying to prove that he has made it out of that system. Sadly, it will take time before the average Russian’s lifestyle improves in a market economy. The old generations who grew up in it will have to fade before new generations can build for themselves a life that is better on average based on their own actions and not dependent on someone in authority to do it for them. However, this proves that it is possible. Yet it also proves that good taste takes even longer to acquire than great wealth.

    • Chris says:

      Taste? What’s wrong with the taste here?

      If you had not known that this was in Russia would “taste” even have come up?

      • jim-bob says:

        Yes it would. Tacky is tacky be it in Russia or in Iowa. I have no ill feelings towards the Russian people. I am, in fact, of Russian ancestry with my family having fled the country during the Bolshevik Revolution after members of my family were executed by them. However, that being said, this is all just opinion. I have been far kinder in my comments than some of the other posters here who come here only to troll and not to learn or expand their limited horizons.

  27. Jason says:

    I saw some big expensive homes in a suburb of a city by Moscow Russia from the window before the plane landed at Moscow International but nothing as flashy as this house!

  28. cia says:

    Overwhelmingly opulent.

    Thank you for the very nice pictures.
    This is a fantastic blog.

  29. Ben says:

    master of the palace – St. Petersburg gangster Sergei Vasiliev

  30. Ramius says:

    my eyes are bleeding

  31. Adrian Smith says:

    Yes it does,and also a giant Eddie statue by the cannon!

  32. Jerika says:

    Pics 6,7 and 17 look like the inside of the capitol building in Denver Colorado(USA)but not with as much gold!
    Other than that this building would blend in well within the walls of the kremlin.

  33. UnderM says:

    mani est uma ne nado – if you have money, no need brain (in russian)

  34. chasseur says:

    Of course there’s a bit of a lack of taste, but you must admit that the house does blend in well with the environment.. And what do you prefer? This palace or the grey old soviet flat buildings of the Kruschev times?
    Let the Russians have some fun after all these grey decades. As I said, it’s better to copy the old palaces of the pre-revolutionary nobility than the depressing ‘socialist experiment’ buildings of the soviet era.
    I’m sure exaggeration will fade away after a few years

  35. Tarun says:

    All the photographs posted in Google Earth say it’s a private palace. Coordinates for Google Earth:59.385769, 30.285873

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