Russian station
26 The Station: Repairworks

The Station: Repairworks

Remember, that station that got accident on it a few weeks ago? We had it here. They still can't understand what has happened.
"It's not watter-hammer effect, as we thought before", say officials, "but still it is unclear what has happened."
The Russian cave, Ukraine

13 The Marble Cave

The Marble Cave

This cave in Crimea, Ukraine is being called "The Marble Cave". It is natural cave, equipped by artificial lightning and is being called the second most visited cave of Europe and the fifth cave in the world's top caves ratings. Among
numerous stalagmites in the cave some are marked with special labels giving a clue to what well known image it can remind to a visitor. There are trolls, flowers, elephants and even Santa Claus among them.
Russian gangsta style

72 Now These Are Gangstas

Now These Are Gangstas

All that Hip Hop mania is in Russia too. Those
sons tend to look real gangsta..
Russian comics book

38 The Unknown Russian Comics Books

The Unknown Russian Comics Books

Recently, a few series of previously unknown Soviet Russian comics books came to the daylight. Here are the covers of some of them. The first one is "Chekists" or if to translate it something like "Special Security
Agents". "...In 1918 the new Special Agents comics series appeared and gained huge popularity. The violence level increased with each next edition, and eventually every page had scenes of murders in it."
Russian lift in Georgia

16 The Georgian Lift

The Georgian Lift

Elevators in Georgia have one detail that might be very handy in this recession times. They don't let visitors to use them without... payment. A person
visiting your house have to pay with a coin before he could ever go to your higher floor or... go by stairs and not waste electricity.
Russian helicopters

17 The Helicopters Museum

The Helicopters Museum

A museum of Russian helicopters. Simple as it, but a lot of fun for visitors, especially
with kids when they can explore the machines previously seen only in movies.
15 Soviet Cars: History of the Copy-and-Paste Industry — Part 1 of 3

Soviet Cars: History of the Copy-and-Paste Industry — Part 1 of 3

Once some music com­poser said  that “There are only seven notes which com­pose all the music in the world.  No wod­ner some songs sound alike”.  Undoubt­edly,  all cars  have got four wheels, so pla­gia­rism in the auto­mo­bile indus­try is hard to pinch.  In this arti­cle we delib­er­ately ignore a pop­u­lar Soviet point of view that a steam loco­mo­tive, an air­plane and the radio were not invented in Rus­sia.  All we attempt here is to make a small digres­sion into the his­tory of Soviet auto­mo­bile indus­try in order to iden­tify its ori­gins and its development. ZIS-110 A Russ­ian  philoso­pher Vasiliy Rosanov once noted that in Rus­sia every sin­gle case of wealth orig­i­nates from theft or extor­tion.  His­tor­i­cally, the econ­omy of the Russ­ian Empire before the 1917 was so deeply inte­grated into the
Euro­pean econ­omy that the exchange of ideas, some­thing, which now would have been hugely copy­righted, was very com­mon.  Like, in 1901 in St Peters­burg the car­riage fac­tory Freze and the Riga bicy­cle fac­tory Leit­ner suc­cess­fully assem­bled the French oil engines De Dion Buton as part of Russ­ian car­riages. Another fac­tory Aksai in Rostov-on-Don pur­chased the license for the pro­duc­tion of the Amer­i­can Oldsmo­bile Carved Dash.  In 1906 a Russ­ian engi­neer Boris Lut­skoy organ­ised the assem­bling of  Mer­cedes cars for the Russ­ian mar­ket. At last, the main pride of Rus­sia – the auto­mo­bile Russo-Balt — was made from for­eign parts – the chas­sis with four-cylinder engine was adopted from a Bel­gian com­pany with a Swiss name Fondu.
Russian art

22 Modified 2

Modified 2

Yet another series of popular art works of older times modified by modern photoshop users. This time the task
was to try to imagine how modern life technologies could optimize the plots of the paintings.

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