Russian fire in Ukraine ZAZ factory

35 ZAZ Fire

ZAZ Fire

ZAZ was one of the biggest car manufacturers of Soviet Russia producing small Zaporozhets cars. It was coupe and some say inspired by Ferdinand Porsche design. These days
it's on Ukraine and produces some other cars. And it got fire today in the section where the new cars get painted. Looks like this car paint burns well.
Life in Russia
21 Various Finds

Various Finds

Today we are having some various finds from Russian blogs recently. Like
this brown fish none could identify for sure what it was.
40 Let It Be, Comrade!

Let It Be, Comrade!

Speaking about music, this one was big in Russian
blogs lately. They call it best Beatles cover yet.
15 Tupac from Kazakhstan

Tupac from Kazakhstan

Looks like people of Kazakhstan
know English and know Tupac.
Russian arms museum in Tula

6 Russian Arms Museum

Russian Arms Museum

Russian town Tula was known for many years through history for a few things were told to be the best if bought from Tula. Those were "samovars" - Russian giant tea pots, "pryaniki" - Russian gingerbread and "pushka" - Russian cannons as well as many more Russian small arms, like rifles for example. With the
coming of modern times most of the traditional crafts become more and more forgotten but still they have some weapon factories and gingerbread bakeries there, so the legend still lives somehow. That's why one of the first points of interest which tourists have in Tula is arms museum.
12 Soviet Cars: History of the Copy-and-Paste Industry — Part 2 of 3

Soviet Cars: History of the Copy-and-Paste Industry — Part 2 of 3

In early 1930s with­out any licens­ing arrange­ments the Soviet engi­neers copied the first lim­ou­sine car  for the Com­mu­nist party exec­u­tives. In 1932 six lim­ou­sines were copied off the Amer­i­can Buick 90L. How­ever,  later the fac­tory pro­duc­tion line was switched to pro­duc­ing cater­pil­lar tractors,so the lim­ou­sine busi­ness was shifted to Moscow Stalin Factory. ZIS-101 The car, based on the engine of the Buick and the body copied off the Cadil­lac, was given another non-poetic name, ZIS — 101.  It also had Buick radi­a­tor bars. By
the begin­ning of the Sec­ond World War there were three huge car fac­to­ries in the USSR.  Despite the fact that the USSR already had its own highly edu­cated and tal­ented engi­neers,  the very first post-war lim­ou­sine ZIS-110 was also a copy of an obso­lete Amer­i­can car.   When mak­ing a deci­sion about the launch of a new car, the engi­neers selected four mod­els – Packard 180, Packard Clip­per, Cadil­lac 75 and Cadil­lac 63.   Stalin him­self was to make the deci­sion, and he picked the Packard 180.
35 A Grande Wedding

A Grande Wedding

You probably think you've seen big wedding corteges or celebrations, but for sure those you've seen can't compare with modern Chechn wedding celebrations. Like this one on the video above.
A few police support cars are the must, as well as shooting in the air - that's a tradition. And of course if its in Moscow it's even more fun. sent by Evgeny
Russian wedding

21 A Wedding Present

A Wedding Present

Sometimes when one is invited to a wedding but he/she doesn't have any money for a present but still in mood to present something "heavy" then this is the idea. Traditionally, in Russia newly married couple waits for something useful as a wedding present.
Often this means they wait money or something that is hundred percent needed in the future household, like a washing machine or TV set. This time the present was really heavy, but people afraid that the newly married won't get it.
Russian flat

50 Apartment for Rent

Apartment for Rent

Another find from Moscow realty website. The owner gives it out for rent, the price is
around $900. He says the apartment is furnished and ready to live in.
Russian train in Latvia

19 Train vs. Digger

Train vs. Digger

If a train meets a digger in a fair battle who will win? In
Latvia they had a chance to check it recently.

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