26 The Police Badge Fail

The Police Badge Fail

Posted on September 25, 2009 by

Russian criminal faking police badge

This guy was robbing people in one of the Moscow suburbs. Once he got really lucky when he found a real Russian police badge in the bag that belonged to one of his victims. He figured out that with simple real-life photoshop skills he could use it to gain more confidence from victims and then.. he got busted.

When detectives looked thru his belongings they found that piece of badge and got laughed loudly. Why? You can see why inside.

Russian criminal faking police badge 2

Russian criminal faking police badge 3

No, it’s not because the lame cutting. The funny thing was that it was a female photo before in female uniform, so when he put his head there he forgot to remove that female tie..

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26 Responses to “The Police Badge Fail”

  1. who dares wins says:

    second, no first

  2. Kirov says:

    Thats how fake Kirov looks like.

  3. Mari says:

    PUAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA that’s funny :oD

  4. Taupey says:

    Mmm… Homo policeman, i love them.

  5. Taupey says:

    My comments awaiting moderation :(

  6. In Afghanistan we are usually behead such guys.

  7. too much vodka says:

    That baldy man is Hot!

  8. Mr. Pakistan says:

    Where is my beloved Miss India?

  9. 2215wd15 says:

    Mister afghanistan go to your cave and stay there

  10. Val says:

    It’s not a badge, it’s an ID, man.

  11. Taupey says:

    Fake Taupey is a waiting moderation! You go Fake Taupey! Say something bad and make me proud! :D

  12. kommando says:

    Is Niko Belik?

  13. laughing to much! says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WHAT? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’ve never laughed so much in my life! I can’t even begin to comment on this!

  14. laughing to much! says:

    How many people did this actually work on?

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