39 Ballpoint Afghanistan

Ballpoint Afghanistan

Posted on September 22, 2009 by

Russian soldier in Afghanistan draws pictures 12

Russian soldier in Afghanistan draws pictures 13

Russian soldier in Afghanistan draws pictures 14

Russian soldier in Afghanistan draws pictures 15

Russian soldier in Afghanistan draws pictures 16

Russian soldier in Afghanistan draws pictures 17

Russian soldier in Afghanistan draws pictures 18

Russian soldier in Afghanistan draws pictures 19

Russian soldier in Afghanistan draws pictures 20

Russian soldier in Afghanistan draws pictures 21

Russian soldier in Afghanistan draws pictures 22


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39 Responses to “Ballpoint Afghanistan”

  1. Mr. Rabinovich says:

    Why nobody likes Jewish people?

  2. Taupey says:

    That’s impressive!

  3. Nafets says:

    Really sad paintings… :(

    Well great post anyway <3

  4. maxD says:

    He appears to be from Kazakhstan. Good people.

    • CZenda says:

      I was there (90s) and saw how superciliously Russians behaved to the Kazakhs in their own country. Hope it is better now.

      Too bad the author did not draw a complete story about the Afghanistan War. Considering the success of “Persepolis”…:?:

      • Kirov says:

        It went both ways mate.. Lots of hate all over after USSR collapsed. Much sadness :(.

        But you must take into consideration that regions like Central Asia and Caucasus was developed strongly during Soviet Era (hell, even under Czarist era).

        • Gabe43 says:

          Sure, they took the oil from Kazakhstan i.e.
          Did not do it for the sake of the people there. The peoples government did not care much for ‘the people’. Like today.
          Are you false Kirov ?

      • Russophile says:

        One person can’t draw a “complete story”.

  5. vladimir fickdusiemir says:

    Without exaggeration I can say that I am pretty good in many fields of science, craftsmanship and music but I must honestly admire people with such skills as depicted in the pictures above. No matter what effort, it’d be impossible for most of us ever to develop such masterful skills in drawing.

    Thanks for this post.


  6. JerryBarada says:

    Beautiful artwork. This man has an amazing talent… I hope it carries him far.

  7. Kilroy Was Here says:

    Beautiful work, too bad the subject is so sad.

  8. Spanic says:

    This required more that one ballpoint pen…

  9. tiffany says:

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  10. Stan Golab says:

    My son is there now with USA forces.Will he draw the same drawings?

    • Riga says:

      I wish US did not support Taliban during 1979-1989 war. I’m glad that Russia is on US side in Afghanistan today.

      • Jim-Bob says:

        It was the way things were in those times. If one nation supported one group, then the other supported whoever opposed them. Afghanistan was the USSR’s Vietnam. The USSR fought the USA in a proxy war during both Vietnam and Korea by sending supplies, and in some cases, soldiers and pilots to fight in secret against American forces. We did the same in Afghanistan. As the saying goes: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Now times are different. It is still a world with two opposing ideologies fighting each other, but this time it is harder to draw borders around them.

  11. Gena says:

    Great works! Amazing! Loved it.

  12. Unknown says:

    These are fanastic!

  13. godsky says:

    Wow, Amazing Pictures there.
    Sad, and the worst part is, no one is going to win a war there…

  14. louis says:

    Very special, thx.

  15. If the west only knew then the monster that it was creating for itself
    Amazingly vibrant photos
    Its sad to see the brave mujaheddin pointing the stinger missile at a transport plane
    How evil it all.
    And its come back to bite us
    If only they could be put into cold storage to hibernate for 2 million years

  16. Sameer says:

    The #5 commenter, Vladimir put it wonderfully.

    And Mr. Put these Creeps in Cold Storage ( #15 ), I am Muslim ( in india unfortunately ) and a Socialist. In india, it is the Burqa-and-Beard types who join the Hindu religious parties in their ‘Minority Cells’. My type created a saying in Urdu in the old days – Woh naya Musalmaan hai, paanch waqt ki namaaz padega hee. Which is, He’s a new Muslim, therefore he will pray five times a day. This type, the U.S recruited . My type were as much on the opposing side as the U.S.S.R. Indeed the Afghan government at that time was Socialist. Saddam Hussain did not run away, nor did Najibullah of that Afghn government.

  17. vanapeer says:

    “Fresh meat” needed – always.

  18. US forces have no chance. Allah Akbar! Bravo Taliban !

  19. King-Kong says:

    Wow, awesome drawings!!!
    Kudos to the artist: he really draw it like he saw it!!! Definitely, he didn’t even try to demonize the afghan civilians or the fighters!!!

  20. Sojourner says:

    He drew these with only a ballpoint pen? Wow….

  21. Greestaj says:

    Hmm Russian soldier fighted at alot more places than you called above
    more alot

  22. Ugly American says:

    He’s got skills.

  23. Jerry Stith says:

    Excellent polictical storyboards! Why is there no artist name posted? Ballpoint Pen Art International has 5,700 drawings by 800 named worldwide artists, 153 related videos and lots of information for your enjoyment! A fellow ballpoint artist, Jerry Stith

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