19 The Haunted Cars [30 pictures]

The Haunted Cars [30 pictures]

Russian museum at night

We had this place before, the place where tens of classic cars rust under the open skies in the open field among the tall grass and it’s called museum.

Now two Russian bloggers has visited this place at night and it looks even more haunted when made this way. Some say it reminds the movie theater of 1960s but if it was from the zombie movie.

Russian museum at night 2Russian museum at night 3Russian museum at night 4Russian museum at night 5

Russian museum at night 6Russian museum at night 7Russian museum at night 8Russian museum at night 9Russian museum at night 10–nextpage–Russian museum at night 11Russian museum at night 12Russian museum at night 13Russian museum at night 14Russian museum at night 15

photo credits: zyalt

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19 responses to “The Haunted Cars [30 pictures]”

  1. commie says:

    That’s creepy

  2. RedArmyRocks says:

    Excellent photos !! Good job,where is the original source these pic were taken from ?

  3. mico says:

    Great fotos! GREAT!

  4. LameFox says:

    Pity they’re just sitting there rusting. I bet one of those fixed up would be awesome to have, even if it didn’t get used much with the fuel consumption.

  5. Mirko says:

    Wanna go there, rescue a few, be happy after…

  6. Taupey says:

    Yeah, Pimped Out!

    Fabulous Photographs, Thanks!

  7. Jason says:

    Stephen King could write a good story about this.

    Maybe “Christeen”2!

  8. Jim-Bob says:

    Wow! There’s a rare 4×4 GAZ Poebda, a mess of Moskvich’s (The Opel Kadett copies), a GAZ Chaika, and even what looks like a real life ZIL (next to the Chaika)! Not to mention the first two generations of the GAZ Volga in there as well. Suriously, there are no Ladas in these pics. Is this a yard full of only early Soviet cars?

  9. Great images. Couldn’t spot any Ladas though! But seriously, the shots create very spooky ambience!

  10. Kusnetsov says:

    as usual a bad Russian copy / imitation of something already done before:


  11. tiffany says:

    its very good information thanks

    OH yeah,That’s great

  12. Robert says:

    Cars haunted with rust and probably foul-smelling seats!

  13. @mo0zart says:

    Cool place! Nice photos!

  14. Rob says:

    The usage of light in these images is fantastic…

  15. Ada says:

    the last one creeped me OUT!

  16. latika says:

    EXcELLenT USE of lights….AmAZING phOtoGrAPhS….!!LYK IT

  17. Just David says:

    I have a number of photos that I’ve taken that would fit right in with these.
    Some of them were of still drivable, licensed vehicles, though.
    These are some of the kind of photos I enjoy taking for my own amusement.

  18. antique cars late 60’s i have it at my garage now ..

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