22 The First Retail Catalogues

The First Retail Catalogues

Posted on September 21, 2009 by

Russian catalogue

For long years of communists reign there was no free commerce or telemarketing retail sales in Russia. None could start a business or a company, it was not possible. Only the state had the right to be a vendor. Then in one moment things has changed. Now anyone could sell almost anything to anyone. So first experiments sprang out devoted to the power of direct postal sales bringing out such masterpieces of commerce art like this catalogue.

Some photos from those first editions bring smile to every Russian who remembers that times of strange fashion and standards.

See yourself what you could by first years after the “perestroika” began.

Russian catalogue 2

Russian catalogue 3

Russian catalogue 4

Russian catalogue 5

Russian catalogue 6

Russian catalogue 7

People say that such photos these days more likely to be used in some breast enlargment surgery clinics ad rather than lingerie ad.

Russian catalogue 8

Russian catalogue 9

Russian catalogue 10

Russian catalogue 11


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22 Responses to “The First Retail Catalogues”

  1. Ivanna says:


  2. HULK says:

    clock watch rules!

  3. maxD says:

    Yep it is amazing what 70 years of isolation does to a country. Catalog=late ’80s, fashion style=’variation of ’50s/’60s/’70s. Average Russian still dresses like this.

  4. anon says:

    not-so-hot girls in underwear are HOWT!

  5. Nafets says:

    Cool pictures, keep up the good work <3

  6. Adan says:

    horrible and pathetic.

  7. Jason says:

    I like the watch with the flags,I did not see that one in any shops in Russia.

    I like pic 7 but I can not download it because of the ruska in my house!!!!

  8. Taupey says:

    :D Super Smart Man, Jason!

    I “Thanked You” for other post. But they put it in (you know where). No bad words either. Maybe someone learned Typonese.

  9. Jason says:

    I think the web master for this site reads the comments.

    More of my comments are posting.

    I was joking about hacking in the comment system:)

  10. Adolfo Camara says:

    The underwear girl models… not bad at all.

    What kind of computer is that one in the last photo??!!

  11. SSSR says:

    It is interesting that some of the Russian/Soviet memoribilia today is made in the USA!

  12. evangelika says:

    God, even in Russia the 1980s were horrible.

  13. Pacific NW says:

    I love the USA/CCCP watch. That’s a pretty bad ass laptop in the last photo as well.

  14. tiffany says:

    its very good information thanks

    OH yeah,That’s great

  15. ugis says:

    heh In the pictures i found something familliar the fragrance kort (in latvian korts) were made in my country Latvia. Surprisingly to find something like that that was high reccomended in those times

  16. Thera says:

    These guys in the first photo look pretty good actually ^^)

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