34 The White Citizens

The White Citizens

Posted on September 15, 2009 by

Russian bears walk on streets

Most of the Russian friends would start convincing you not to believe in rumours about bears wandering around the streets and playing balalaykas after one or two beers or vodka shots. Don’t believe them! We have a proof that the bears actually do wander around and even visit construction sites.

And yes, those are white polar bears which even adds to this.

Russian bears walk on streets 1

Russian bears walk on streets 2

Russian bears walk on streets 3

Russian bears walk on streets 4

Russian bears walk on streets 5

Russian bears walk on streets 6

Russian bears walk on streets 7

Russian bears walk on streets 8

Russian bears walk on streets 9

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Russian bears walk on streets 11

Russian bears walk on streets 12

Russian bears walk on streets 13

Russian bears walk on streets 14

Russian bears walk on streets 15

Russian bears walk on streets 16

Russian bears walk on streets 17

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34 responses to “The White Citizens”

  1. brontoburger says:

    First !!!
    Usually bears visit those sites for food. They eat almost everything.

  2. PhoQ says:

    Cool photos

  3. Shurik says:

    What a beautiful animal, it is a shame it is surrounded with trash and pipes as its natural habitat is being destroyed.

  4. maxD says:

    I hope the animal got away without being shot at ot harmed in any way. Russian ‘machismo’ can be devastating.

  5. Nafets says:

    Great pictures, sad to see the bear in wrong invirement : /

  6. w says:

    Throw the poor thing are steak dammit

  7. Goran says:

    I like bears and I think they are really magnificent creatures, but bears who establish connection between food and humans should be killed for safety. After they learn that there’s food in the trash cans, they will stop hunting and just wander around for trash cans. And then it’s just matter of time before they attack humans. Killing bears is terrible but it’s made becouse there’s no other way to un-learn them.

  8. Richard S. says:

    Is that Knut?

  9. Zazulon says:

    Yes we have that happening all the time here in Canada too. We have a hard time stopping them from attacking tourists at Niagara Falls; but the tourists insist on feeding the bears!

  10. bezdomny says:

    T’seli prevyed, byelli medved!

  11. Miss India says:

    Uhm… a good coat

  12. steffen says:

    its so sad

  13. JerryBarada says:

    Such magnificent animals… It’s a shame that they’ll all be gone in forty or fifty years.

  14. fail says:

    Where is this in Russia? No useful information as usual.

  15. SSSR says:

    This area is far from the city,yes there are bears in the forest near the construction site.

    Also for some reason I can see the email for who dares wins and his 2 comments under moderation??

    This comment system has its problems,don’t worry bud,I don’t care about your email and will not share it.

  16. Anna says:

    Very sweet creature.

  17. Tourist says:

    Where can I ride bear?

  18. subcorpus says:

    nice pics …
    guess the work site is really far from the city area …
    dont see any buildings around in any pics …
    that bear is kinda kewl eh …

  19. Taupey says:

    When we spent the summer in the Canadian Wilderness, my big sisters made me sing to scare the bears away.

  20. seth says:

    I don’t really understand how people can say global warming is false.

  21. Shep says:

    The ‘Sun’ Newspaper in Britain printed this on today…. The theiving gits! Grrrrrrr…… 🙂

  22. Fred says:

    the poor Bear : (

  23. jack screwer says:

    it is looking for its noms.

  24. jeans says:

    it’s a realy nice bear

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