21 Various Finds

Various Finds

Posted on September 10, 2009 by

Life in Russia

Today we are having some various finds from Russian blogs recently. Like this brown fish none could

identify for sure what it was.

Life in Russia

Looks bit scary.

Then speaking about scary things, one Russian designers offers to make modifications

to the cigarette packs in order to warn people how much tar and nicotine their pack has at the moment

Life in Russia

Though I am not sure if it really can scare anybody nowadays.


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21 Responses to “Various Finds”

  1. Mr. Rabinovich says:

    My Jewish eyes can not take this awfulness.

  2. Kilroy Was Here says:

    Good job. Keep it up…

  3. Ginger says:

    The fish looks like a Siberian bullhead, which is a kind of sculpin. It looks like a very old one that’s been dead for a long time.

  4. Gedas says:

    Those cigarettes are polish. How it can be, that Russian designers macking pack of cigarettes with polish words. WTF?

  5. Scrat335 says:

    It looks like one of the Wolf eels we have here in the Puget Sound Seattle area. Either it is or it is closely related.

  6. Nafets says:

    Hehe, nice pictures :3

  7. Kalle B. says:

    The fish is a seawolf, Anarhichas lupus. Propably catched somewhere in the Murmansk area.

  8. Mr Burns says:

    Uumph,no that fish is not brown because of my nuclear power plant!Leave my home at once or Mr Smithers will release the hounds!!!!

  9. Tatranka says:

    Yes, the text on the cigarettes is in Czech and it reads:
    Ministry of Health Warning:
    Wisdom and passion cannot be in opposition forever.

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