19 Train vs. Digger

Train vs. Digger

Posted on September 4, 2009 by

Russian train in Latvia

If a train meets a digger in a fair battle who will win?

In Latvia they had a chance to check it recently.

Russian train in Latvia 1

Russian train in Latvia 2


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19 Responses to “Train vs. Digger”

  1. russia in dark says:

    Digger won! :)

  2. ugis says:

    Pretty much a tragic disaster, cause one woman had died in that accident but another one has been badly wounded. And of course the driver of the digger was a bit drunk. The crash for the digger`s driver is kinda expensive (train repair costs 1 million Lats (about 1.2 million GB punds)

  3. acidwash says:

    They say diggy diggy!

  4. James from Latvia says:

    One 28 y.o. woman died…

  5. cossack in america says:

    Dude, where’s my train?

  6. Maj says:

    Some context would be nice.

  7. pimp says:

    That digger looks hot! I wanna kiss him.

  8. w says:

    This site should be called Drunk Russia

  9. angella says:

    What the? Not one hot Latvian cop? where are they, eating doughnuts?

    I am in Indonesia at the moment, big earthquakes?

  10. Texas1 says:

    I am an American douchebag.

  11. CASIOEXZ77WE says:

    nice blog here, i just signed up for your rss feed and will be following you

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