16 The Georgian Lift

The Georgian Lift

Posted on September 3, 2009 by

Russian lift in Georgia

Elevators in Georgia have one detail that might be very handy in this recession times. They don’t let visitors to use them without… payment.

A person visiting your house have to pay with a coin before he could ever go to your higher floor or… go by stairs and not waste electricity.

Russian lift in Georgia 2

Russian lift in Georgia 3

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16 Responses to “The Georgian Lift”

  1. Russell says:

    WIsh we did that here

  2. alter says:

    What kind of coin?
    25 ¢ ?!

    • Simon says:

      Wouldn’t it make more seen if the coin was a Georgian coin and therefor not a cent, but a lari og tetri coin? Looks a bit like a 20 tetri coin.

  3. Greedy georgian $ says:

    that’s what crisis forces us to do, to collect money from our poor people because we do not have cheap energy sources anymore.

    No money, no army, our territory is chopped up.

    But we are true Christians, let’s pray so that the GOD help us to survive.

    P.S. Misha needs some medical attention or maybe he is looking for a good chef to cook him some special georgian dish with the beloved delicacy – his tie !

  4. I think this is a great freakin’ idea. Make all those fatty Americans get some damn exercise. Would be nice if it had ANY indication that you have to pay though! It looks like the entrance to a sex dungeon.

  5. Kirov says:

    Georgia… Russia is also getting more poor. Latest statistics state over 17 percent of population has to live of less than 5100 rubles [160 USD] per month.

    I am ashamed to be Russian, knowing how much is wasted on ‘prestiguos’ projects by government

    • Kosmania says:

      I am proud to be Russian, I don’t blame the government for all their attempts to build what I feel is wrong, I simply study and work and ensure that I contribute to the society and improve the quality of my life, and that’s how countries get out of recession, work, not sit infront of a TV set and criticize the government.

  6. Pst says:

    Unfortunately the fat ones are the ones that can afford it the most.

  7. Alexander says:

    Smashed buttons is a result of poor people’s vengeance! :)) Actually, more looks like some donations box :)

  8. Alexander says:

    *”some” = “some kind of”

  9. marco says:

    In the 60s and 70s, coin-operated elevators were common in Italy too..

  10. cm says:

    Home phones in the early 60s, in cities of Lisbon and Porto, here in Portugal, were also coin-operated just like public pay phones – by putting firstly a 1$00 (one escudo) coin into a compartment in the back – really handy in case of emergency, if you didn’t have a coin at hand…

    • marco says:

      cm and then who collected the coins??
      how many coins did enter into the phone before it was filled up an unusable??
      just crazy..

  11. emaN says:

    can’t get much poorer than that

  12. sinan says:

    This is what happens if you destroy the CCCP

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