Russian submarines

22 The Northern Fleet Submarines

The Northern Fleet Submarines

Russian Northern fleet is mainly based on shores of the White Sea and the Arctic Ocean. It has some great looking
large submarines that are often a good thing to look to feel what huge machines people can build.

38 Byelorussian Culinary Festival

Byelorussian Culinary Festival

That’s not a common festival, just in one Byelorussian village they thought it would be fun to ask eight local women (the exact number of participants) show the public what they usually cook at home. The range of products was quite
narrow – traditional boiled potatoes, bacon, pies, and stuff, but the participants assured the guests that their dishes were completely unique and you could never find their recopies in any present-time cooking book.

53 Hobbit Huts in Latvia

Hobbit Huts in Latvia

A Latvian billionaire implemented a fantastic project nearby Cēsis town in Latvia. If you’ve believed there is no Sun City, only Sin City, now you can see that you’ve been totally wrong. There people live according to special rules and have a routine different from those of
common human beings. The three-storey houses are constructed of green materials and are located on various height so that the dwellers don’t see other houses from the windows of their own. If you want to live in a hobbit hut, you know now where to head.
Russian eight wheels car

13 The Eight Wheeler

The Eight Wheeler

Eight wheelers could be a good solution for Russian terrain roads and you still can meet some of the concepts from the Soviet past on the roads. They had a flat bottom and the additional four wheels mounted higher than the first four ones so that in case you get stuck too deep then the new pair of axes get into play towing the car out the deep mud. For some reason those stayed
only in concept mode and like this one bare the old white-on-black plates, those give clue that it comes back from seventies or early eighties, but is still used. Guys collecting old Soviet transportation relics can pay a lot for one of those, even if it doesn't come from any popular brand but was made by some garage genius with his hands alone.
Washing Russian car in Ukraine

17 Washing the Car

Washing the Car

It's much easier to wash a car if to put
it entirely into water.
Moscow sewage

11 The Crystal Life of Sewage

The Crystal Life of Sewage

The hidden underground worlds of Moscow sewage system always fascinated us. We had it here or here in HDR or even here they were contesting rafting right inside those realms But this set of today's is concentrated on one topic - the
sewage itself is a moving conglomerate of the organic remains of different kind, consisting of the different color stalagmites or roots of the on-surface trees finding their way thru the concrete walls.
Russian hostages
31 The Hostages

The Hostages

A group of journalists were kept as hostages by a bunch of Southern looking guys dressed in military uniform. Well, almost. It is a new experience one can get in Chelyabinsk city, Russia in the recently opened special courses of "How to behave during if you was taken as a hostage". First a bus full of people is being
stopped in the middle of nowhere by a bunch of Arabic people yelling "Allakh Akbar" each and every five seconds. Those are not real terrorists, but Russian SWAT soldiers carefully picked by appearance - with Southern roots so that they could resemble ethnical Chechen or Arabic threat.
Russian steam punk phone

12 The Steam Punk Phone

The Steam Punk Phone

Russian steam punk phone from the Russian man famous for his daughter which started a court plea against Russian state for "having no
alternative in current school education for the Darwin theory, putting it as the only right in the minds of schoolchildren".
23 The Central Olympic Stadium of Sochi 2014

The Central Olympic Stadium of Sochi 2014

The main emblem of the Olympic Games is not bears with the five circles on the ab and not foxes or little dancing men, but Olympic objects, or architecture. Russian Sochi City is now being filled with awesome structures which are designed to take away the breath of the place’s visitors. There is only five years left for preparation as the Winter Olympic
Games are going to be launched already in five years. The main point about it that the architectural objects are to remain as a part of the city, so each of them, no matter how gorgeous it is, has to be usability-proved for decades. The Central Stadium seems to one of the most practical objects suggested (you can see its drafts below ).
Naturemort: Morning. By Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, 1918.
16 Breakfast Time in Paintings by Russian Artists

Breakfast Time in Paintings by Russian Artists

Here is a twee collection of paintings by various Russian artists picturing break fast time in Russia of different periods, from 1918 through out to late 1970s. It provides some insights into an every day life of simple
people and their meals on the go, before work, very low key and casual. Still life: Morning. By Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, 1918. Just like any where else in the world, eggs are pop­ular and the dog is hungry.

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