10 Soviet Firemen, 1979

Soviet Firemen, 1979

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Russian firemen

Photos from the Soviet “Golden Age” – late seventies, the times which some elder people remember with warm feelings, for the stability and definiteness they say modern life lacking of.

Those are Soviet firemen competing in some kind of annual contest.

Russian firemen 1

Russian firemen 2

Russian firemen 3

Russian firemen 4

Russian firemen 5

Russian firemen 6

Russian firemen 7

Russian firemen 8

Russian firemen 9


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10 Responses to “Soviet Firemen, 1979”

  1. Pavloff says:

    Go Russia!

  2. Pacific NW says:

    They look like one of the private army’s Bruce Lee used to go up against.

  3. Dogz says:

    i was born in ’79 :)

  4. Mr. says:

    Superb shots.

    There were many more great photographers on those days….

  5. American says:

    Hah. Good one. Americans have better equipment, better training, and better gear than Russian firefighters. Takes you HOURS to arrive to a fire. Takes us minutes.

    • American says:

      On a computer in SimCity that is, sorry, didn’t realise we were talking about the real world, go too much into gaming lately

  6. Providence says:

    I don’t understand what you are trying to tell me.

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