24 Slower, Bit Slower

Slower, Bit Slower

Posted on August 31, 2009 by

Moscow looks fun if slowed down fifteen-fold. Video from Andrey Stvolinsky.

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24 responses to “Slower, Bit Slower”

  1. lv says:

    fun isn’t the word to use, it looks quite depressing.

  2. Rogue says:

    That is amazing, making the mundane look phenomenal. Thanks for the post!

  3. jesus says:

    dammit now we can definitely see uve bought yourself a slow-mo capable camera. brilliant.

  4. Adolfo Camara says:

    Wow, how the music and moving images converge…

    Almost like living photographs.

    I liked the welding part.

  5. briedis says:

    Everything looks so cool when in slo mo 🙂

  6. Wotan says:

    Very nice.. Can we see more this kind of stuff?

  7. Russian Alkash says:

    Drink vodka and you will be slo-mo.

  8. notbugs says:

    Neat, kind of mesmerizing. It would be interesting to know what equipment the guy used when he made this movie.

    Cheers /notbugs

  9. cossack in america says:

    Cool. Thanks of the view of Moscow on ketamine.

    Sah-lowww mow-shunnn bah-lond guhr-ril.

    Sah-leepee timmmme.

    Gooooooood niiiiiighttttt.

  10. Lulz says:

    Actually, the music made it seem creepy to me.

  11. Hobbit says:

    Why not use different music?

    Moscow never sleeps
    Moscow never sleeps
    Я люблю тебя
    Москва – люблю тебя
    Moscow never sleeps

  12. ___ says:

    High speed cameras are fun to play with. It’s too bad the only ones in the consumer market are Casio cameras that do 1000 fps 128×80 resolution. 🙁

  13. slackerdeluxe says:

    I love the score it really sets off the video nicely.

  14. I agree with you says:

    This clip probably had been made to be played in looping. Blondie at the beginning appears again at the ending. Of course it would be cool if both matched exactly. 🙂

  15. ewrty says:


  16. Jason says:

    It is like the last moments of life before world war 3….!!

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