11 Two Cars, Two Obstacles

Two Cars, Two Obstacles

Posted on August 30, 2009 by

Russian roads

Two almost the same looking obstacles often can cause different consequences if met by different people. Same with cars.

This Rover was less fortunate meeting the road fencing.

Russian roads 2

Russian roads 3

Russian roads 4

Russian roads 5

But another driver got it better:

Russian roads 6

Russian roads 7

Russian roads 8

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11 Responses to “Two Cars, Two Obstacles”

  1. mr third says:


  2. car driver says:

    second car handles like on rails lol

  3. ewrty says:

    there’s nothing unusual here, this goes hand to hand in russia daily.

  4. omg says:

    I hope nobody was impaled

  5. Russian Alkash says:

    I jacked this car and them i got on the juice. Fortunate i kill nobody.

  6. cossack in america says:

    Silver car was just trying to rotate tires, and change engine oil.

  7. w says:

    Great roads russia…

  8. Kirov says:

    Nothing special here. i can see this scene almost daily when looking out of window. But i prefer to watch old TV shows.

  9. slacker deluxe says:

    I imagine that tow truck drivers from around the world are probably the profession most likely to understand each other. They all would have seen the same crazy stuff.

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