18 Satellite Jam

Satellite Jam

Posted on August 30, 2009 by

Russian traffic in Moscow

This kind of traffic jams are pretty often in Moscow. The reason for them is often the top security measures that are needed by the governmental agencies to protect the important people while their ride. This time the jam got on the sat images in Russian analogue of google maps so it now can be seen from space too. Clicking on the image can reveal the map itself so that one can scale it or move up/down to see the real size of the jam.

It’s interesting that the vip cars are not seen on those sat images. The reason for this that according to the same security regulations road should be closed far before the motorcade appears.

And inside there are some shots “from the ground”.

Russian traffic in Moscow 2

Russian traffic in Moscow 3

Russian traffic in Moscow 4

Russian traffic in Moscow 5

Russian traffic in Moscow 6

Russian traffic in Moscow 7

Russian traffic in Moscow 8

Russian traffic in Moscow 9

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18 Responses to “Satellite Jam”

  1. Antonio says:

    Когда Обама приезжал в Москву, ГИБДД работало так безупречно, что пробок почти не было. Обама приезжяй почаще =ъ

  2. KBR says:

    The president or Putin where nearby :)

  3. Russian Alkash says:

    Pure garbage posted.

  4. Steamed McQueen says:

    Pretty much SOP for any high ranking person in any country. It’s probably worse in the U.S.

  5. Lulz says:

    Wow, on the satellite map it goes on and on and on!

  6. Viper007Bond says:

    I find it funny that they just stop the traffic rather than diverting it.

  7. Peter Mask says:

    If they would use choppers to move around this would be much less complicated.

  8. Bijdehans says:

    So for security reasons they focus attention from thousands of people and even satellites to a couple of vehicles carrying say the president while driving a single armed but unsuspicious vehicle would be, what, too simple? Typical measure from any self-declared world-power…

  9. slacker deluxe says:

    I ran into this once in Seattle. A limousine escorted by 8 huge, black SUVs and a half dozen, state police on motorcycles, in front stopping traffic and that many pulling up the rear.

    I tried to find out who was in the car, but got no where.

  10. Nicholas II says:

    By the grace of God, it’s good to see the Russian aristocracy is still flourishing!

  11. gess says:

    Thes is RUBLEVKA baby.

  12. Standing Wolf says:

    We have the same problem in the United States. Politicians the world over seem to believe they’re aristocrats or royalty who need to be protected from the commoners, (who, in fact, pay for their limousines and bodyguards.)

    If politicians were intelligent, they’d mix with the ordinary people, forego the royal treatment, and earn at least a veneer of respect.

  13. علي بابا says:

    الروس هم البرابرة

  14. truevision says:

    Nice post, Thanks for your sharing.

  15. Capt says:

    It’s surprising, that russians let happen this kind of harassment by it’s government! However, russian people are notorious being masochistic nation!

  16. adidas nmd says:

    I likewise believe so, perfectly written post!

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