38 Byelorussian Culinary Festival

Byelorussian Culinary Festival

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That’s not a common festival, just in one Byelorussian village they thought it would be fun to ask eight local women (the exact number of participants) show the public what they usually cook at home. The range of products was quite narrow – traditional boiled potatoes, bacon, pies, and stuff, but the participants assured the guests that their dishes were completely unique and you could never find their recopies in any present-time cooking book.

Those who prefer watching to eating could go and see exhibitions of hand-made exclusive things like gorgeous wicker baskets, or buy delicious honey. It was rather a kind of meeting place of old ladies and country-culture obsessed young explorers, who most probably came there because of being a bit hungry. Still, there were no potato pancakes, so I personally wouldn’t be completely sure that the festival was really Byelorussian. But i coulf have missed them? Will you help me find?













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38 Responses to “Byelorussian Culinary Festival”

  1. briedis says:

    mmm, looks really really tasty!!!

  2. jjbb says:

    comments for each kind of food are neccessary

  3. Lulz says:

    OOh! When I saw the table full of meat I nearly passed out! :)

  4. NordicBlood says:


  5. Mizz...(A) says:

    Yes, would be interseting to knew more about the food. :)

  6. Kirov says:

    I prefer Belrussian aladyshki – potateo/flour types of course. Not that the other food was bad..

    • Kirov says:

      Hello impostor. Why not try the salo, it will quickly fatten up your arteries so you will die in extreme agony and pain and we can relax.

      • Misha@Work says:

        No he needs SHVERKE’E ! Bacon fat is always good for you. Makes you strong like BULL. Well…that’s until your arteries tell you, you’ve had enough.[:)))

  7. CONNIE says:

    Does look very good. I also would like more info on the pictures and the types of food.

  8. Scrat335 says:

    It looks Belorussian to me and my wife says so too. Keep in mind though that borders do not care for dress and styles of any kind. People of Chernigov in the Ukraine are no different from the people of Gomel 60 miles to the north in Belarus even though there is a border between them. That food is good too.

    • Made in Belarus says:

      We eat like that all the time, depend on the occasion of course, but could be Birthday or just normal dinner, usually my granny prepares everything in summer (i mean pickled products, like watercress etc.) and we can have it in winter.

  9. nw99 says:

    The one above the cut sausage: Looks like cooked beans or watercress to me

    Look’s good, but how often do they eat like this? Preparing traditional food takes long hours, so I would think they do this stuff for really special occasions i.e. weddings (which does explain the cake)

  10. Kirov says:

    Yes this is the traditional food, which is not very healthy because little fresh vegetables and lots of greasy stuff like salo, kolbasa [60% fat] and smetana [cream]. Combined with beer and vodka reason why average russian man lives only 51 years !!!

  11. Mizz...(A) says:

    Kirov, Jo, för visso, tråkigt nog verkar det vara så men det tror jag knappast har något med maten att göra, by the way, appropås något helt annat, vi har en traktor från Vitryssland här och åtminstone jag är mycket nöjd med den. :)

    • odin says:

      Mizz, stop that Swedish :D

      • Made in Belarus says:

        Cranberries for shizl

      • Anon150 says:

        Translates (WorldLingo): Kirov, yes, for visso, boring enough seems the to last so but it believes I meagre has something with the food to do, village the way, monkey bill ridge something entirely other, we have a tractor from Belarus here and at least I am very pleased with it.”

        Aaaah yes! The ‘Monkey Bill Ridge something entirely other’.

        How I miss the colorful idioms.

  12. CZenda says:

    The salad on the third photo looks interesting. I have identified white cabbage, dill, chives…
    What are the red berries – cranberries or rowan berries?

  13. Taupey Hendaye Jaunzemis says:

    I’m so hungry now, the food looks wonderful.

  14. Steamed McQueen says:


  15. NordicBlood says:

    gief plz!

  16. Nafets says:

    whiterussians seem to have nice :)

  17. legato says:

    i think potato pancakes are on the right side in a plate from apples, which are in the middle of the table.


  18. Mouserz says:

    That looks delicious.

  19. Baldy Lev says:

    Looks great, ha ha, people in Belarus are now eating better than Russians.

  20. Anna says:

    oh yeah yeah eyah!!!! +1, yammi

  21. sqeeky norman says:

    Looks like a good time was had by all.
    What ever the country very similar events take place.
    Thanks for the pics.

  22. MaxKolo says:

    People on this picture are so sad and tired, even they smile.

  23. ewrty says:

    TWENTY FOURTH!!!!!!!!

  24. Mizz... (A) says:

    Sorry for my last post here, exeptionally low quality even to be me i guess now when i am almost sober and looks back oon it. Guess there was a bit to much swedish Vodka for me that day… Maybe not in glass ment for beer next time for me (at least not before i post…)

  25. Mizz... (A) says:

    Sorry for my last post here (must be something wrong with the computer here or somat, i can´t see if my recent posts was away or not… :S

  26. LB says:

    one day even Russians will learn the right spelling: it’s “Belarusian”, “Byelorussian” is a dinosaur from the Soviet times.
    the pictures are great, as always, good job Toxaby!

  27. sickie says:

    This is the same cuisine like in Poland :) Slavian nations have very good food! Natural, healthy… and traditional! Best regards for everybody from Poznan!

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