53 Hobbit Huts in Latvia

Hobbit Huts in Latvia

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A Latvian billionaire implemented a fantastic project nearby Cēsis town in Latvia. If you’ve believed there is no Sun City, only Sin City, now you can see that you’ve been totally wrong. There people live according to special rules and have a routine different from those of common human beings. The three-storey houses are constructed of green materials and are located on various height so that the dwellers don’t see other houses from the windows of their own. If you want to live in a hobbit hut, you know now where to head.












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53 Responses to “Hobbit Huts in Latvia”

  1. CZenda says:

    Looks great.

    • CZenda says:

      I tried very hard to find at least one weak spot – and I did :D
      a) The stairway on picture 5 and the solution of the ground floor is very probably uselessly heavy. The Cyclopean stone structures are natural in mountains, on their steep slopes, but they seem overkill in Latvia.
      b) The chimney on 2nd photo is less than perfect. The stone plating (if used at all) definitely should not be ending some 50 cm above the roof.

  2. tolik says:

    hi everyone. All latvians are hobbits

  3. Russell says:

    I want a planned retirement community like that when I retire

  4. Mike says:

    Nice, but some of those roofs are not “green”, and LATVIA ISN’T RUSSIA!

  5. John from sunny central PA says:

    Wow, that’s… pretty impressive!

  6. QAW says:

    Impressive indeed, and those look pretty darn expensive houses. Everything out of ordinary always costs a lot, even in eastern europe.

  7. daniel says:

    anyone got a name of this place? would be interesting to see if there are any houses up for sale

  8. amerikanyetz says:


    I hate rich people.

  9. who dares wins says:

    “are located on various height so that the dwellers don’t see other houses from the windows of their own”

    How about in the 2nd from last pic?

  10. Lulz says:

    Ok, we need to hear from Hobbit! Where are you?

  11. 李钦 says:

    really fantastic

  12. ewrty says:

    The houses which have thatched roofs are 70% of the total cost of the house(and i mean building cost not market sale). I do love the thatched roof as it lasts for 15-20 years if it’s properly done and you don’t have to worry about anything. but in my opinion only couple of houses look nice, others are medicore and vulgar because they don’t mix in with the nature as there’s too much windows/glass and stone/rock… should have more lumber as it mixes in with all the Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian area from the past times(history).

  13. GIMP says:

    Where is no way drunk Latvians can build one of these.

  14. pimp says:

    What i can say, drunk Latvians…

  15. Robert says:

    I wonder how long these will last during the next revolution??

  16. Hobbit says:

    I was out shooting off fireworks. Nice to see new hobbit homes being built.

  17. pimp says:

    latvian drunkards.

  18. pimp says:

    Moderation should be deactivated!

  19. pimp says:

    Moderation should be deactivated!!

  20. pimp says:

    Moderator you’re drunkard

  21. Boris Abramov says:

    I hate Baltic states.

  22. Boris Abramov says:

    My comment is awaiting moderation.

  23. eliseu says:

    hi i am from brasil i like this site,

    this place is beautiful .

    thanks for sharing

  24. odin says:

    nice. but latvia is in the middle of the biggest crisis of latvian history

  25. caku says:

    wow…these houses are really cool…and I have to say that these millionares in Latvia are a little bit different from our in Slovakia….because ours would never live in such a nature.

    I hope once I will have house similar to this :)

  26. Letins says:

    And the man is a millionare, not a billionare.

  27. Taupey Hendaye Jaunzemis says:

    Nice! Too excessive for just me.

  28. LITOWETZ i niibyod says:

    What does it have to do with RASHA?

  29. Mr. says:

    Yet again. What does Latvia have in common with Russia?..

  30. Burunduks says:

    The owner of this estate is not billionaire, but milionaire!!!

  31. iga says:

    why Latvia is on inglish rasha…? this is a very interesting site , but cmon.get ower the past.
    this type of houses are not so rear in lv.especially the roofs.

  32. Zuzannatruba says:

    the village is with no doubt cute, but IT IS LOCATED IN LATVIA, NOT RUSSIA, so it has nothing to do with this website. don’t be ignorant!

  33. angella says:

    and you all wonder why I want a latvian……..

  34. Web Hosting says:

    amazing houses, just like in the movie

  35. hmm. I wonder, how much costs such a great looking house?

  36. Sarah says:

    Aww.. they look awesome. I wonder how much they pay to live in such a big house.

  37. Kemp says:

    Latvia has nothing to do with Russia?! That’s a bit over the top.
    Come on people, if you on this pages if u are interested in Russia then pull yr head out of your (you know where) and learn a little. (Oh yes, i am citizen of Latvia.)
    Thank you for interesting post by the way…

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