23 The Central Olympic Stadium of Sochi 2014

The Central Olympic Stadium of Sochi 2014

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The main emblem of the Olympic Games is not bears with the five circles on the ab and not foxes or little dancing men, but Olympic objects, or architecture. Russian Sochi City is now being filled with awesome structures which are designed to take away the breath of the place’s visitors. There is only five years left for preparation as the Winter Olympic Games are going to be launched already in five years. The main point about it that the architectural objects are to remain as a part of the city, so each of them, no matter how gorgeous it is, has to be usability-proved for decades. The Central Stadium seems to one of the most practical objects suggested (you can see its drafts below ).

It’s a part of great Olympic park, which consists of the ice ring for curling and hockey and the sport palace for figure-skating. The whole project includes several objects, which are artistically scattered along the coastal line with one ceiling over the territory of main spectator routes. That doesn’t seem very stable and firm, though, but the architects assure there is nothing to be scared of. If you happen to visit Sochi, you’d still better stay outside the Stadium. Just in case.


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23 Responses to “The Central Olympic Stadium of Sochi 2014”

  1. I agree with you says:

    Russian people starving to death and they’re thinking about superfluous buildings…

  2. Kilroy Was Here says:

    The national infrastructure is falling apart and money is being spent indiscriminately on lavish buildings.

    • Vlad says:

      Typical client of western media.

      • Eire says:

        “President Dmitry Medvedev said the deadly catastrophe last week at Russia’s biggest hydroelectric power plant showed that ageing infrastructure which was once the pride of the Soviet Union was in urgent need of modernization.

        “It is clear that a technological catastrophe of unprecedented scale and consequences has taken place,” a stern-faced Medvedev told a meeting with officials in Ulan Ude, the capital of the Siberian region of Buryatia…”

        • Lulz says:

          Oh we have the same problems here in the states! Our nations infrastructure is crumbling before our eyes, especially dams and bridges…


        • Kirov says:

          Indeed. Money would be better spend on restoring, renovating or rebuilding and expanding the existing crumbling infrastructure. If you live here like I do, you are genuinely ‘shocked’ when you go to another country (i have been to Berlin, Germany) and see how it can be – well kept and well maintained buildings, roads and infrastructure. And not 25-50% of budget spend on korrupt inspectirs and criminal desk jockeys. Medvedev should look into that but does not, he is part of it.

  3. Kirov [the real one] says:

    Wishful thinking. The only thing happening in Sochi are endless meetings and lobbying. Nothing has been build sofar, and even projects under construction have not been finished. Reason ? Corruption, political issues [also corruption], etc.. IOC is already looking into alternatives for Sochi. I am ashamed to be Russian, this is blamage!!

    Oh – if false Kirov shows up, you know what to do. Ignore him till he gives up. Some redneck Jew that has problems with losing an argument…

  4. aea says:

    The renderings of Sochi 2014 seem to always miss the fact that they will be the WINTER OLYMPICS.. Snowy..

    • vorjay says:

      Sochi is subtropical it generally doesn’t fall under 50 degrees in the winter! Some areas are at a higher altitude where there is lots of snow and winter weather!

  5. pimp says:

    Drunk Russians will never be better than the West, so just give up now.

  6. SSSR says:

    Maybe Russia could sell the rest of the Moscow Olympic Misha Bears that were not sold back in 1980 because of the USA boycot.

  7. w says:

    omg only 1 building? lol

  8. Kilroy Was Here says:

    You are correct. The US will have a huge deficit to overcome. Russia, according to Putin, is in better shape. “We need to cut everything that is not the highest priority,” Putin said. Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said disagreements could emerge in some areas such as agriculture subsidies, including the government’s grain interventions, as well as compensations to regions for road construction and upgrades. Russia plans to borrow $58.6 billion abroad over the next three years to help cover budget deficits, pushing sovereign debt to 16.4 percent of GDP by 2012. Part of the deficit will be financed from the rainy day oil funds. Putin said Russia should use its reserves sparingly, despite improving terms of trade, and pursue responsible fiscal policies.

    • Eire says:

      You are both correct. The US Office of Management and Budget has said that grappling with the worst ever economic downturn in nearly 80 years, spending programmes, including unemployment insurance and food stamps, are anticipated to increase while the revenues could slow down.

      “Although these effects help to ameliorate the economic downturn by stimulating demand, they also lead to higher medium-term deficits both directly and indirectly (through higher interest costs on a higher level of public debt),” OMB said in a statement yesterday.

      Meanwhile, the fiscal deficit for this year is projected to be $1.58 trillion — about 11.2 per cent of GDP.

      “The federal budget deficit for 2009 will total $1.6 trillion, which, at 11.2 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP), will be the highest since World War II,” US Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said in a separate statement yesterday.

      It appears that the only difference is in the percentage of GDP – the US will have 11.2 per cent and Russia will have 16.4 per cent.

  9. Стёпка says:

    Хорошо скоро будет в Сочи. Теперь можно будет сэкономить на поездки в Швейцарию. В России теперь будут ни чуть не хуже лыжные горы.

    В Екатеринбрге после ШОС тоже произошли заметные изменения.

    А то что тут вы пишете что мол мы пьяницы, так вы сами на себя посмотрите. По статистике алкоголиков в Европе и Америке больше чем в России.

    • Kilroy Was Here says:

      According to the last report I read on a weekly average Russians consume about ½ pint of pure alcohol. Currently there are well over 2 million alcoholics in the country. Of these, more children are becoming addicted, with their first drink being taken around the age of 13. Current statistics show that over 70% of girls and 76% of boys use alcohol at least twice a month. Many experts feel that part of the reason for such high levels of underage drinking is vodka and beer advertisements that make alcohol seem “desirable” and “cool” to young people.

  10. The question is maybe this type of Snow across the north hemisphere should be as a result of lessened sunspot activity, and if a maintained degree of lowered sunspot action is likely to impinge on our rate of global warming.

  11. Pete Smither says:

    The question is in the event that all the Cold temperature spanning the northern half of the globe is thought of as due to the diminished sunspot action, and when a major sustained level of lowered sunspot movement would definitely impact this rate of global heating.

  12. I wonder in the event that most of the Cold temperature around the northern half of the globe will be because of the depressed sunspot event, when a very continuous level of dropped sunspot process might probably have an impact on this rate of global warming.

  13. Experts are asking if ever all that Snow through the northern half of the world is thought of as because of the weakened sunspot movement, and when a sustained level of fallen sunspot activity is likely to change our level of global heating.

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