15 Hand-made Exclusive Dolls

Hand-made Exclusive Dolls

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Larisa Churkina makes dolls, which look as real as if they were living beings, and her awesome creations are definitely not for playing. She has a number of exhibitions and also works as a theatre doll creator, but she also creates her dolls for private collections, and any of who wants it can contact her and ask to make a portrait in a miniature. That is not cheap, $2,000 on the average, but what you get can never be compared to money you pay. Her little figures seem to be totally alive and eager to move, but for some unknown reason they are frozen in papier-mâché, waiting for someone who sets them free. These are not dolls, these are real people shrunk to mini-size. There must have been some of David Blaine’s magic.



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15 Responses to “Hand-made Exclusive Dolls”

  1. Adolfo Camara says:

    The soccer player figure looks amazing.

    • I agree with you says:

      Yes, but every doll is cool in some way. Loved the weightlifter with sandals and dedushka-babushka couple.

      She could also do another soccer player wearing Spartak uniform. :-)

      Here we got 2 soccer teams — Gremio (since 1903) and Internacional (since 1909) — and both match Dynamo and Spartak t-shirt colors.

  2. ole says:

    FIRST i think

  3. ole says:

    why didnt you say first adolfo u reatard

  4. pimp says:

    Drunk Russians have no taste.

  5. Francine says:

    amazing…what a gift she has…wish I could get one…

  6. slackerdeluxe says:

    Very nice work. I find it interesting that many of the women are redheads. I wonder what significance it has for the artist.

  7. FilipK says:

    Are these all Downs Syndrome Models?

  8. Peter Mask says:

    Good looking and creative products, but … possibly ‘slightly’ overpriced at USD 2.000

  9. Tocoa says:

    these puppets are really lifelike, i can’t believe they were made of papier-mâché. really amazing stuff

  10. RK says:

    They’re based on characters from Russian literaure – the weightlifter is Alexandr Koreiko, an underground millionaire from “The Golden Calf”, and the girl on a boar is from “Master and Marguerite”. There’s also Pushkin, and probably some other characters whom I dont recognize.

  11. Octomom's 13th kid says:

    Something about the naked fat chick riding the pig has turned me on!!!!! I think it is the whip in her hand!! BOINGGGGGGGG!

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  13. It wasn’t too long ago that dolls were completely fake looking. For decades dolls seemed to have the exact same look and feel, but just recently in the past 10-15 years have dolls taken on a whole new look and feel with real life like qualities. The new dolls I’m referring to are called reborn dolls.

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