32 Plane Catastrophe

Plane Catastrophe

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Yesterday, on Sunday, August 16, two greatest Russian Sukhoi Su-27 planes  crashed while doing training exercises over a cottage village. One of the planes stuck into a house like a knife into butter, the second one was led out of the village and fell on the wasteland. One of the pilots died, the two others were saved. The local people weren’t killed, but the owners of the destroyed house got badly injured with burning fuel from the plane and were immediately taken to hospital. Now the cause of the catastrophe remains unclear, but on the eyewitness account this all could happen because of a bird stuck in the engine.



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32 Responses to “Plane Catastrophe”

  1. da best plane and cars says:

    made in russia

  2. mac605 says:

    Classics of soviet acrobation… straight into ground…

  3. True says:

    There was no bird. 2 planes smashed against eachother. And funny thing in this is that these guys are trained professionals known as Russian Knights. Almost every accident that have occured in aviation shows etc. has been caused by russians airplanes. Luckily this was only excercise.

    Less vodka, more training.

  4. JerryBarada says:

    Think about it… How could one bird bring down two planes, unless said bird was carrying two Stinger missiles?

    • -Kzk says:

      Presumably by damaging the engine of one plane when the two are flying close together, causing them to collide when the first loses power.

  5. KBR says:

    Russian planes fall down, American planes fall down. So nothing special :).

    Perhaps it is a new russian anti-air system, instead shooting SAMs we let the birds do the job. One SAM for one plane, now we have one bird for 2 planes…. it is called progress :).

    Perhaps it was a flock of birds.

  6. pimp says:

    I’m so sad about it :( Rest in peace pilot.

  7. Mizz...(A) says:

    Realy Sorry for my bad english…

    I don´t knew, but a possible theory abot the birds (i don´t hawe any facts about this) is that for example a flock of big birds make the engine in one plane partly trasched inside due to some turbineblade braking (i am not sure it takes -much- force before those blades will brake) we hawe to think about that those blades rotates at -very high- speed inside the engindes centrum and if for example one is broken (due to the relative power release when it hits for example the birds bodies) it will release serious centrifugal power and act like a gunshoot or a grenade fragment The engine is constructet to tolerate a hugh amunt of such violence but if the blade parts hits important parts of the engine it will stop working correct and the plane will losing speed and possible go into a a serious locking or will stall, if that happens no matter how skilled the pilote is the plane will possible crach unless he hawe a wery great luck. What i hawe seen of the russian pilotes is that many of them are brave enough to stay in their planes anyway trying to correct that and release the catapult at very low altitude when all thinkable possibilitys to save the plane clearly are off. I think that´s a possibility why he was killed.

    What i hawe seen of the russian planes is that there is no bigger differenses between the western war planes concepts, the russian concepts are often built to operate at field airports without hangars and are often a bit havier but faster. What declares the top prestanda is actually the design and what the plan is originaly meant and constructed for.

    • I agree with you says:

      Hey Mizz, how could we get in contact? I’d like to read more about this. Do you have a blog (in Russian, of course)? I could drop there a message.

      BTW, if you want to type a URL here, do it with spaces, or your posting will get caught by filters…

      I won’t ask you a mail address or icq here, because of obvious reasons. :-/

  8. Mizz...(A) says:

    If the birds was not involved at all

    It´s possible one of the planes caused a “locking” in the air at very close range to the next plane if that happens the plane will not response commands for a short while (util it is stabled again in the air) but that can possible had been enoug to cause the collision in such situations just a short while can be more than enough.

    Not necessary the pilote or the planes fault.

  9. Govno says:

    Drink vodka
    Destroy planes

    • Mathieu says:

      Yeah, they stay in the plane untill the last second because life has no value in Russia. Men are less importants than machines. Everybody know that. Look at WW2.

      • Mathieu says:

        I have some respect and i feel really sorry for him but so many people die from accidents in Russia. I leaved in a russian familly and the girl was showing me a photoalbum: When i asked about the persons on the photos (what they do for a living, where they live…), it was horrible because the answer was often: he is dead. So many had died so young from accidents, negligence, neglect of the others, to war, to army…and the government and people do nothing to correct it. That s why I say that life has no value in Russia.

      • Mathieu says:

        I have some respect and i feel really sorry for him but so many people die from accidents in Russia. I lived in a russian familly and the girl was showing me a photoalbum: When i asked about the persons on the photos (what they do for a living, where they live…), it was horrible because the answer was often: he is dead. So many had died so young from accidents, negligence, neglect of the others, to war, to army…and the government and people do nothing to correct it. That s why I say that life has no value in Russia.

  10. Kirov says:

    Planes were supposed to fly 2 meters apart from eachother [tail-nose] One nanosecond of not paying attention and you are dead. These Knights are alsways looking for more dangerous stunts. I think they should all be locked up. In 2002 they killed 85 people at similar airshow.

  11. Kummeli man says:

    I think he got a pelican in his turbine.

  12. Mathieu says:

    Yeah, they stay in the plane untill the last second because life has no value in Russia. Men are less importants than machines. Everybody know that. Look at WW2: Russians were killed by NKVD members if they were coming back alive from a battle without their tank or plane. Sad but it was for the “great mother Russia”

    • Mixas says:

      Actually, they stay in the machine as long as possible to navigate it away from populated areas or spectators. And being killed by NKVD for not having your tank or plane??? They were shooting all that were retreating uninjured or if you are talking about ex-POW they for the most part were not executed – they spent 10 years in prison after the war. There is a story about a soviet pilot who escaped from Germans after hijacking a plane and he did have to go to jail after the war.

    • cm says:

      Mathieu, I’m just sick and tired of your whinings about how life is worthless in Russia and everything, again and again; just because you lived there somewhere for a tiny while and heard their sad little stories about their personal lives (which you could also hear in the US, UK, etc.: Katrina, the credit crunch, the floodings, the knife crime, etc., etc.), doesn’t entitle you to give lectures.

      So, go back to your little France or whatever and stop whining about your “terrible, terrible” experience there (or do it just to yourself/friends, if you have them), because you could as well be talking about “fabolous” France (life in the “banlieues”, the arabs, the miserable work relations – which I had striking (shocking) examples, just as a tourist -, etc.), Germany, South America, Africa, Asia, etc. – anywhere, actually.

      So, STFU and GFY!

      ps: As for the value of life there, for a reason the Zvezda seat is considered the best seat; and I read (in Science et Vie – regarding the “marvelous” Rafale) – that while the french seats managed a mere 30something% uninjured ejections, the Zvezda reached near 100% (97% or so). Ejection from an airplane is, no doubts, one of the most violent things you can do in life (with a chance to survive); pulling off those figures is kind of a miracle (and from a purely mechanical/pyrotechnical device – unlike so “sophisticated” western designs) and putting yourself to the trouble of designing, testing and producing it, is kind of a proof that you’re just as wrong as anyone with a biased/partial view of a situation (remember, they didn’t just bomb the west, when they could’ve, did they?).

      pps: I’ve no relation whatsoever with Russia (maybe some late relative (by marriage and not even actually russian), but know more about it (and elsewhere) than you might think (and for longer, maybe), or I might want to or even care.

  13. Mixas says:

    It was Ukrainian Falcons and not the Knights in 2002.

  14. My condolence….

    Dear Co.Igor Valentinowitsch Tkatschenko,

    I met you the first time in 2006 at the Al Ain Aerobatic Air Show in UAE,it was a pleasure to speak with you,to see
    your flying magic,it is a big shame that the world lost,to early such good pilot and father,husband and friend….

    Rest in Peace my friend,I see you on the another side…..


    Dalibor Ankovic


    Info : the solist Tkatschenko in aircraft bord nr. 25 this was his life…we will never forget…..

  15. HEXJUMPER says:

    please stick to the real facts !

    the cause of the accident was already described on a published drawning yesterday (16 AUGUSTUS 2009) showing the intended maneuver and their display window on the airfield in details !

    the Sukhoi’s flew from different corners of their DISPLAY WINDOW to eachother with the intention at a certain point to PULL STRAIGHT UP IN THE SKY.
    during this maneuver two Sukhoi’s bumped into each other WITH THEIR BELLY SIDE.(pilot error!)
    due to the force of the impact both Sukhoi’s were damaged beyond repair.on photos taken just seconds after the hit it is possible to see airplaneparts flying around in the air.
    in a published videofile i did see also that one Sukhoi kept on flying for a short time in UPSIDE DOWN mode with flames coming out of the exhaustpipes.

  16. rom says:

    rest in peace Igor Tkachenko.

    he was a great man, an awesome pilot, he did that for 20 years.

    as you can see on the first photo, the cabin of the plane is smashed on the right side. thats the plane that flew behind the leading plane. there were four planes, 2 in each group. it hit the left side of the leading planes cabin, right where the pilot was – as they say killing the pilot even before he had any chance to catapult himself.

    end the following plane wasnt 2 meters behind him – the impact was from different angle, and it was heavy.

    following plane lost the leading plane out of site – which is the deadly mistake.
    or it was forced to lose the site of the leading plane by factors we dont know yet – birds, mechanical factor, human factor.
    and when it finnaly came out of loop they were doing – it crashed right into the cabin at high speed.

    the day before it happened one of the pilots said in interview that they really need new planes, that their planes are way old.

    a sad day.

  17. scot says:

    This has nothing to do with the NKVD, WWII or Vodka…

    It was an accident.

    All credible reports say it was pilot error.

  18. Mizz...(A) says:

    Ok, i did not find the real repport, but now see the real fact and that explained all things i think.

    But i am still on with that it´s not neccesary the pilote did something wrong for example at western concept plane in my country (Gripen (The griffin) a interceptor/attack concept plane now sucsessfully used since many years by several countries worldwide) crached in public while it´s first show in public ever, that was in fact becase the pilote did -exactly- as the ordinary rules/books, manuals, simulators, etc told him, mha, -he did exactly right- as he had learned, but the planes computer was set to auto corrigate so it over corrigated the impulse given from the pilote and he was losing control over the plane a short vile and he coud not do anything else than stay in the plane and try to make it crach in a safe place as possible to avoid killing people if possible.

    No one was killed in that accident (the pilote had to eject himselv at very low altitude to avoid the plane craching into the people, ejecting from a low altidude means for axamples that the parasuites, etc will not work correct so it´s actually a very dangerous operation) but it gave heck a lots of serously bad PR to whole the nothern airplane industry for many years…

    So, Yes it was not the pilote or the planes fault that happened but of corse -tecnically it was a pilot error.-
    But as i said it not necessary means that he was a bad pilote accident´s will happen anywas even with very skilled western pilotes in a top modern western built and constructed plane very similar to te ones used for example by US arirforce. So there is probably no differenses. The russian pilotes and planes are as good as the western concepts and often co work together.

  19. Stavros says:

    Precision acrobatics is a dangerous business. The US Airforce have lost planes and pilots in their Blue Angels Team, the Canadians have lost pilots and aircraft at shows and in training. Air shows are always breath taking because the manouvers the pilots perform are dangerous. I’ll remember all concerned and harmed in this and other accidents in my prayers. But as usual prayers are not much help after a low altitude engine flame out, bird strike, major control malfunction or pilot error.

  20. Michael says:

    Today it happend again in Poland on Radom Air show 2009 , but 2 pilots from Belarus died :(

    • Belo-Russian Air Power says:

      Rest In Peace !!!
      Poor family members and the pilot community, they must be devastated.

      Same planes, same brave Great pilots !

  21. gregory24 says:

    Sowas hätte ich auch gerne

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