14 The Truck Goes Boat

The Truck Goes Boat

Posted on August 14, 2009 by

Russian truck goes boat

A fast way to convert your pick up truck to a boat was offered by those Russian guys.

All they used were two inflatable balloons and an outboard boat engine.

Russian truck goes boat 2

Russian truck goes boat 3

Russian truck goes boat 4

Russian truck goes boat 5

Russian truck goes boat 6

Russian truck goes boat 1

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14 Responses to “The Truck Goes Boat”

  1. yagur says:

    *truck – my mistake!

  2. English Brasil says:

    what a brave 50 hp engine….

  3. All evil because of jews!

  4. Viper007Bond says:

    They ripped off Top Gear!

    • Para bellum says:

      Ты еще не сошел с ума от своей ненависти ко всему русскому? Может ты и себя ненавидишь за то что ты русский? Я начинаю думать что гражданство у вас дают только конченным кретинам вроде тебя.

  5. Kilroy Was Here says:

    Genius idea. Maybe General Motors (Government Motors) should take up on the idea. Nothing else of theirs sells.

  6. Dingo says:

    Way better than the lame attempts we saw in TOP GEAR!!!

  7. MlSS lndia says:

    OMG Russiansa re so poor they cant even afford luxury yatch like we have in the west :(

    • MISS India says:

      OMG sorry, just had a panick attack, I’m really scared for Abramovich and our yacht, after all it was bought on federal money

  8. petrolhead says:

    Top Gear guys are not engineers. That’s what they’re lame at. But the still DID manage to cross the channel (La Manche)

  9. wORD says:

    The truck is a 4runner…not a pickup, and it’s a crime what they did to it

  10. rajshree says:

    very interesting n creative…..liked it!!

  11. Maxim says:

    Interesting blog. I will be read a blog regularly.

  12. buy jeans says:

    and how fast the car will rust?

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