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The Slim Story

Posted on August 14, 2009 by

Russian slim girl 1

That Russian girl weighted around 145kg (around 300 lbs) after giving birth to a child. She didn’t care much, until some of her old classmates asked for a photo via social network.

At first she wanted to send the actual photo but then when she made it she felt uncomfortable with the results she had, so she decided to slim fast so that to be able post cool photos on facebook.

So on the first photo she was 127 kilo (the photo above).

Russian slim girl

This how she looked dressed. Couldn’t mask the extra obesity she had.

She started eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and cut off all fried stuff and all this got her seventeen kilos less (34 pounds) in just one month.

Russian slim girl 2

That’s 108 kilos after one month. 19.7 kilos less.

Russian slim girl 3

December 2007, 28.7 (60 lbs) less.

April 2008, 44.5 (90 lbs) less.

Russian slim girl 4

June 2008, 80 kg less (160 lbs).

Russian slim girl 5

Jult 2008. Now she weighs 61 kilo, and 65 (120 lbs) kilos are gone.

Russian slim girl 6

August 2008, 60 kilo (110 lbs).

Russian slim girl 7

That’s 18 months from the start. She is 56 kilos (100lbs) now, 70 kilos (140 lbs) less than in the beginning.

Russian slim girl 8

And that’s the result. Now she felt it’s OK to make a new photo and send it to that classmate. Really, why not?

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38 Responses to “The Slim Story”

  1. English Brasil says:


    Congratulations for her! But she still looks ugly….

  2. mimicrian says:

    she is the true mimicrian;

  3. says:

    This is a modell to american style of living…
    u have to agree..

  4. theoceans says:

    ugly? are you insane? she’s cute. nice little body – now.

  5. Kent_Diego says:

    Good for her. Looks very good for her age.

  6. yagur says:

    Probably, she’s looking for new(american) husband now…
    Who needs old russian drunk men in her case???
    Sure, she did it for dating service internet site…

  7. Steamed McQueen says:

    American women could learn a thing or three from this gal!

  8. pimp says:

    She still look fat.

  9. George O. Riley says:

    What a doll !!
    Congratulations and best wishes.
    Oh, and love the smile.

  10. jozef says:

    i’d hit it!

  11. Pacific NW says:

    Wow! In the U.S., women are proud and even militant about being fat and loving themselves the fat way they are. Maybe someday, American women won’t want to weigh 300 lbs, I doubt it though.

  12. Ole says:

    She looks great now – good for her – and a very nice smile!

  13. Mathieu says:

    I don t know who is making the photo but look at the guy in the backgroung of the 1s shot…Does somebody has an idea?

  14. Joe Ravioli says:

    Much healthier! I hope she inspires other obese women. Just eat right & move a lot more.

  15. w says:

    well done lady but it is easy for old woman in russia to lose weight because her husband died young and she must do much farm work to survive.

  16. Fero says:

    Perfect work! Respect!

  17. French_guy says:

    I doubt that switching to a “fresh fruit” diet alone caused her to lose 17kg in one month. There was probably a lot of exercising as well.
    And at her (probable) age, the skin is no longer so elastic, so she probably had plastic surgery to cut all the flapping skin.
    In any case, congratulations to her for the effort and for the result!

  18. Ms. Petrovna says:

    She looks awesome. Definitely looks good.

  19. Mr. Tinkles says:

    And what about the extra skin? She’ll probably need to undergo surgery, if she didn’t already

  20. john says:

    that’s insane, she must have lost a lot of muscle mass as well as fat mass — probably mostly muscle. that must be insanely unhealthy to do in 18 months. if this is even legit

  21. Dmitry says:

    hi there :)

    every time you post a picture of russia overweight, don’t forget to surround it with several americans overweights :)

  22. SSSR says:

    Now that she is a skinny beautiful ruska she can join a international dating service and find a American man to marry and get out of Russia.

    She could live in a big home in the suburbs and drink clean water from the tap that is not a brownish color with a wierd smell and she would not have to boil it first!

    That would be a giant leap foreward from living in a small highrise apartment with only 2 big rooms and a small kitchen and a uncomfortable bed that pulls out from the couch.

  23. Bilosh says:

    I likes the woman with some “trash in the behind” (is that how you say?). It is most bad that she ruined nice figure with crazy diet.

  24. pimp says:

    First photo made my day! I love that fatty.

  25. FilipK says:

    I think she has a Kind Face…
    Kinda Face that looks like a dogs ass

  26. Pas says:

    It all goes to show that American are very nieve when it comes dieting. They can never compete against Russian or European women.

  27. Aix_53 says:

    it’s not the same person. each picture is a different person

  28. Zippy says:

    Good for her!
    Must be looking for a husband…

  29. John says:

    That girl is ultra sexy! She is a real success!
    I would love to take her out on a date!

  30. joe says:

    What a success! May you be at peace with yourself now and for the rest of your long, long life!

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