35 Soyuz TMA-11 Is Back Home

Soyuz TMA-11 Is Back Home

Posted on August 13, 2009 by team

Russian spaceship landing site 2

That’s a piece of Siberian tundra burning, but why? That’s no forest fire but what you see here is a landing site of Russian Soyuz spaceship.

Soyuz TMA-11 with a crew of 16 members returned to the on April 19, 2008 after spending about six month in the open space. It landed 420 kilometers far from where it was planned to land, but thanks God on a spot totally appropriate for such “visits”. The astronauts, both men and women, were more than exited to feel the ground, though, standing on it was too hard for them after spending so many days in the state of weightlessness, which is fun only for a couple of days and then turns to be a really awful thing to be in. The crew was warmly welcomed home, given flowers, kissed, hugged, and taken to the rehabilitation centers, where they will have a lot of recreation therapies of all kinds. A bunch of photo reporters were running here and there, taking photos of how this all was happening. If your kids still want to be astronauts, you can show them the pics, just in case.

Russian spaceship landing siteRussian spaceship landing site 3Russian spaceship landing site 4Russian spaceship landing site 5

Russian spaceship landing site 6Russian spaceship landing site 7Russian spaceship landing site 8Russian spaceship landing site 9Russian spaceship landing site 10


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35 Responses to “Soyuz TMA-11 Is Back Home”

  1. jaybeecity says:

    Another Mighty First.

  2. pimp says:

    Only drunk Russians can land like this.

  3. Nafets says:

    Nice look to see it land, i prefere some anciant/abandon buildings ^^

  4. nysro says:

    There is no way in hell the story attached is accurate… anyone with eyes, and a little brain can see there is no way in hell that SIXTEEN people fit in that little ass capsule.. I think THREE is all that it holds…

    and it doesnt explain a thing about how the thing got off course, why it crash landed (instead of with parachutes), and why it looks like it burnt up when it hit the ground.

    Half assed story at best.

  5. NAC says:

    From looking at photo 41 and 47, I’d say they were lucky to make it back alive. Those are some nasty stress cracks. Or did they occur when the exploding bolts of the hatch were blown ? Anyone know ?

    • Ivan Mikhailov says:

      It is normal for capsule to make couple of turns after touching the ground, so if some delicate orbital equipment is not torn away by air pressure it is destroyed at the end. What is really important for landing, ( like the parachute :) is hidden from hot plasma under really strong shell.

  6. john says:

    “Soyuz TMA-11 with a crew of 16 members returned to the on April 19, 2008 after spending about six month in the open space.” There’s no way that capsule can fit 16 people in it. I think only three people returned. The Russian dude, and the two ladies.

    • russia in dark says:

      “The Russian dude”
      The one that can`t smile?
      Look at american woman, she is so happy! :)

    • I agree with you says:

      Yes, and for 3 persons, that capsule seems to be a can of sardines.

      It must to be boring and distressing stay trapped with few persons in the middle of nowhere (space) for 6 months.

  7. Steamed McQueen says:

    They landed about 420km off-course? This has been a problem since the days of Gagarin. One would think that by now the Russian space program engineers would have figured out a way to land on, or at least close to the original target.

    Also, why always a re-entry onto land? Can’t they splash down off the coast of Vladivostok or something? Oh, that’s right… out at sea someone might actually see the splashdown and Heaven forbid any ‘secrets’ get out. Better to have the cosmonauts risk serious injury slamming into hard earth instead of water.

    Russia, I love you but you have some seriously screwed up priorities.

    • Better to land in the wide open expanse of Khazakstan & be bounced around than be like Mercury 4 (July 21,1961) that blew the door bolts on landing then swamped the capsule & almost drowned. On the contrary, Voskhod 2 (March 18,1965) had a premature landing in the Ural Mountains & encountered enormous wolves for several days before being rescued.

    • Ivan Mikhailov says:

      One can re-enter either precisely to a point but with higher accelerations on the path or with much lower precision in position but lower accelerations. You should choose between these two, there’s no middle variant with moderate accelerations and accuracy. NASA chosen higher accelerations for Apollo missions because they sent there only seriously trained pilots, not civilian specialists like we do with orbital missions. We have plenty of space and teach crew members how to survive in wild for few days if the landing gone _really_ wrong so it’s safe to miss a bit. But this means that sea is excluded. You can’t stay in a capsule on a sea surface for few days, so it’s better to land with dust, not with spray. There’s a boat for really bad case, but nobody wants to use it.

    • Reactor-Axe-Man says:

      They landed off course because of a problem with the service module jettisoning. The Soyuz stack is three modules – the service module at the bottom, the reentry capsule in the middle, and a lab/hab/cargo/docking module at the top. Only the middle module is meant to survive reentry. The top and bottom modules are jettisoned prior to reentry, but in this case and the mission following, the service module did not completely detach. This extra mass/drag on reentry modified the reentry capsule’s trajectory and put it off course, not to mention subjecting the crew to extreme gees (about 8G peak, I’ve read).

  8. Kirov says:

    Nice rocking chair. I like the Kazakh lady-kosmonaut. She is cheerful and happy !!!!

  9. Mizz... (A) says:

    Thank You for showing the pictures.

    I hope space programs of today and tomorrow will continue unite people working together as brother and sisters and possibly bring hope to a dark future of this allready almost destroyed and seriously overpopulated world on this planet. At least that what i realy hope.

  10. N3o says:

    The Soyuz-TMA can transport maximum 3 crew members! The members who landed with TMA-11 were:

    Yuri Malenchenko
    Peggy Whitson
    Yi So-yeon

    The reentry wasn’t a normal one, it was a ballistic reentry, a rough thing.

    More info’s here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soyuz_TMA-11

  11. N3o says:

    P.S.: Maybe the author got that wrong number of crw members (16) from the ISS Expedition number which was indeed 16.


  12. Maddcowe says:

    A guy and two women in space for six months. Their spaceship had a bumper sticker on it: “If this capsule’s rockin’, don’t come a knockin’!”

  13. Borat says:

    “they will have a lot of recreation therapies of all kinds”. Read – “vodka” :)

  14. yagur says:

    Mistake of transator,- not 16 members…it was 16th mission on international space station…
    Borat’s neighbours so happy on the pictures!

  15. First Horseman says:

    What a silly place to put a diving bell! ;-)

  16. andreas says:

    The pictures are defenetly from Soyus TMA-12, returning from space on October 24th 2008. Not TMA-11. TMA-12 has indeed been the 16th visit of a Soyuz spacecraft to the ISS.

  17. Brian says:

    Not exactly spacious in that thing with 3 people. I’d be all over that hatch trying to get out when we landed.

  18. Fred says:

    sure does look small and cramped

  19. Ugly American says:

    With no control surfaces you’re at the mercy of the wind the whole way down.

    Make sure you use the bathroom before you go.

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  21. Dave says:

    Wonderful pictures!

    It’s interesting to see how the astronauts need to rest with their legs elevated after their return. After so long in space, with their blood evenly distributed, they temporarily can’t function in Earth’s gravity. If they stand up right away, all the blood rushes out of their head, and they pass out. Like a super head-rush.

    Anyway, kudos to these brave people!

  22. Fantastic,Marvelous,But Terrific.

  23. Crowson says:

    When it comes to their blog they are constantly pushing the boundaries, experimenting and tinkering with it to keep the blog fresh and innovative.

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