30 Sochi Will Have Artificial Islands

Sochi Will Have Artificial Islands

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When you first see these fantastic drafts, your eyes go wondering over the pics, looking for the name of the Arab Emirate where these building are going to be erected. But this time it is not about rich eastern countries, the sketches present us what Russian Sochi will see in just a couple of years. Artificial islands and high buildings on piles, up above the watery waste will emerge in the Black sea in just a few years. Each of the projects – Pier-Hotel, Catamaran, Sea-Star, Olympic Island and Southern Outpost – has its own proportions and level of detail. The upcoming Olympic Games want Russian architects make the best of what they can.



The basis of the building will be constructed the way they do with sea oil platforms, the foundations will be supported by light but firm piles used in building high constructions on the shores. The authors of the project, “A.Asadov architectural studio”, think that the nature beauty of the resort will be completely kept as it is even with all these new structures. The architectures are going to apply eco-technologies and use alternative energy sources while implementing the plan.



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30 Responses to “Sochi Will Have Artificial Islands”

  1. pimp says:

    Drunk Russian dreams, what a foolish way to think that you are better than the West.

    • Mathieu says:

      Drunk russians just speak but nothing will happen, as always. I can bet that it will be never built. I know, I worked in Russia, i ve seen a lot of projects like that.

      • Mixas says:

        If you don’t know what you are looking for BEFORE going to Russia – YOU are waisting your time. And you are right – only Russians can live in Russia. Don’t complain about where you lived – you probably lived more comfortable then most Russians.

        • Mathieu says:

          Oh no, I lived like most of them. I lived 3 months with a policewoman aged 45 years and her daugther. I wanted to feel what they feel but in fact they feel nothing. They don t realize in what they live, even the beds are too small but it does not bother them…I can not understand. They prefer to buy some expensive cars and live in some caves. After, I had to move in other cities and i took a private apartment but it was the most of the time in dirty buildings.

          • Zipp says:

            You could spend three months is any city in the america and find poverty far worse..

            • russia in dark says:

              Being poor in America is a style of life, they have the ability to live normal, even poor in America are free minded, and even rich in Russia are prisoners of their slaves mentality!

              • Ole says:

                That is just not true. I live in America (Canada) and there are more and more very poor people here. They live in the street and are not able to get help from the government because there is no money to help people. It has been getting worse in recent years. The fact is that Canada is a poor country even though there are many rich people and big media like to talk about them as if they are the norm.

                I have seen even worse poverty on an even larger scale in the USA. How about kids with rickets for example? Do you have that in Russia? We have that in “america”.

                • Ole says:

                  I take it you were referring to “russia in dark” below. :) The line spacing of the “Reply” directive confuses me too. The coding on this site needs a little work, but the lack of html skills of the admin is more than made up for by chutzpah.

                • russian says:

                  Ole , you are mistaken(no wonder, the fool like you must be always wrong) I was talking to you!

                • Mathieu says:

                  Ole, Did you live and work in Russia??? Were you in Russia for a long time? I think no. You can not imagine what the situation is for the biggest part of the population, that s horrible for 85% of them. This is not in Canada or USA: only a small part of the population “live bad”.

                  • Ole says:

                    I am responding to the post just above mine which says “Being poor in America is a style of life, they have the ability to live normal, …”. I am talking about “America” where I have lived for over half a century now. I know nothing about Russia and make no claims whatsoever regarding that part of the world. I can’t imagine what you thought I was talking about but please understand that I do not think that I have any knowledge about Russia. Perhaps English is not the most comfortable language for you (we don’t call each other fools for example) but if you reread my post I think you will see what I mean. :)

          • Kirov says:

            Yes you are right. We value ‘prestige’ a lot. Car often costs more than house which is often one small room where we sleep, eat, watch TV and study. But we have this working class attitude – keeping up appearances

          • Mathieu says:

            Mixas, I spent 3 months in the same city but after I had to move in other cities for my job. I spend almost 2 years. I was working on nuclear power plants projects for european government-technical job-Not business. I don t regret it and I d like to go one or 2 weeks in vacations to Russia but I wouldn t to work again and live with them in their buildings. There are too many differences. It s so difficult in Russia if You want to do the job right There will be anytime somebody “putting sticks in your wheels”. Russia is good only for making quick money: find a good business, go to russia, sell your products and fill your pockets as quick as you can and go back home. Sad, really but it s slave mentalities. They are prisoners of it.

      • Kosmania says:

        I’ve seen drunk Westerners, they are no better.

  2. russia in dark says:

    Russians like to dream(they are good at drawing too :) , but when it comes to making it real, they give up…. :(

  3. w says:

    Oh dear this does not even compare to the wonders of dubai however these will make great ruins in 10 years!

  4. Mathieu says:

    OMG Miss India is gone! I don t have a reason to live anymore.

  5. rina says:

    I don’t think building on water or near it is a great idea. Too many natural disasters these days, plus the water level is going to rise.

    Some of these shapes look very masonic. Coincidence? Doubt it.


  6. Anrkist says:

    This is a joke and will not happen any time soon. Newsflash, everyone is poor.

  7. Kirov says:

    Drawing is only the first step. Paper is patient. These plans will never happen, olimpic comity in Sochi is very corrupted and indecisive: nothing has been build so far. IOC is already looking for alternatives. Invest the money in decent road and people will be happy.

  8. Ramses says:

    Yay, more luxury hotels and casinos for an unemployed society!

  9. shizo says:

    Interesting idea, but not practical. First thing they should do is take care of what’s going on on land. And only then think about doing something off-shore. And I doubt that Sochi will develop again as it used to be in the Soviet era..

    Right now it looks like the designer has seen the projects in Dubai and here is the result..

  10. Fred says:

    Some of those hotel towers look suspiciously like sex toys.

  11. cm says:

    “Alternative energy sources” which, btw, aren’t even ecological and will cost you an arm and a leg more than “traditional” ones. But that’s ok, no one will notice it – everyone’s engulfed in the illusion.

  12. Taavi says:

    Those concepts seem rather unrealistical to me. Especially as far as finances go and they don’t have much time to pull it off either.

    At least the designs are nice…

  13. Val says:

    They have no chance to build it. Only render a 3D.

  14. eger_666 says:

    You all said russians will never build “moscow city”… they have built.
    Now you say russians will never build this islands…

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