12 Red Bull Flugtag Came To Moscow

Red Bull Flugtag Came To Moscow

Posted on August 12, 2009 by team


Extraordinary competition of flying weird crafts Red Bull Flugtag 2009 took place  in Moscow. The place was just packed with crowds of people. Moscowites gathered on the bank of the river to watch this spectacular fun!

33 crews from different regions competed for the first place, wearing the most unusual costumes and jumping to the water with peculiar crafts decorated in a funny way. The machines were launched from the runway which was 6 metres high. In accordance with the rules no power source was allowed to lift the device.

Red Bull Flugtag is an annual event known all over the world. The first competition was in 1991 in Vienna and since then over 40 similar events have been held all over the world. At last it came to Russia too! The competition was well organized.

The flight was assessed according three criteria:

– The length of flight

– Eccentricity of the craft

– Originality of the performance

The record was taken in Austria in 2000, when one of the participants flew almost 60 metres! The winners became the crew “Air bath” from St.Petersburg.


The Baby Boom was one of the brightest crews!



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12 Responses to “Red Bull Flugtag Came To Moscow”

  1. RayJay says:

    People having fun.

  2. Zhenya says:

    people being conditioned

  3. maxD says:

    I remember reading about this event before. It originated in Holland, like 30-40 years ago. Still being shown on TV over there, under various names. Very popular.

  4. Ole says:

    Fun is a condition.

  5. pimp says:

    I’m such a drunkard :(

  6. NordicBlood says:

    I wouldn’t jump into Moscow waters, can’t be very clean…

  7. Uncle Sam says:

    I’m pointless :-( I’m so sorry, it’s just so boring in my sad little life. I still live with my mum and flip burgers for a living …

  8. Anton says:

    Hillarious!! But indeed, jumping into Moscow water isn’t very safe, as it’s not always clean.

  9. Kosmania says:

    pimps are the people who most often have an alcohol and drug addiction, your name speaks for yourself, consider entering the website when sober

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