30 The Fallen Church

The Fallen Church

Posted on August 7, 2009 by

Russian church

Sometimes churches got tired of the lack of the faith around and prefer to collapse rather than to serve.

Russian church 2

Russian church 3

Russian church 4

Russian church 5

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30 Responses to “The Fallen Church”

  1. EST says:

    This is the image of whole Russia. Sadly.

  2. GeorgeoArmani says:

    Fine piece of craft is fallen.thank you ctalin,you left this church for today.

  3. Sakha says:

    There is nothing to survive forever.let them alone for final rest.R I P

  4. Vladimir80 says:

    Thats what happens to wood you don’t take care of.

  5. Vomarba Sirob says:

    I agree with this picture. Churches should fall.

  6. YJ says:

    Center of ignorant teaching, deserves to be all end up like this.

  7. Nicolas says:

    Hi, do you know where the picture was taken ?

  8. pimp says:

    You see God has gave up on the drunk Russians.

  9. Kirov says:

    Pity. Good craftsmanship should be cherished and preserved. But it happens everywhere. Wood is replaced by ugly plastic and kitsch. The working classes have no taste.

  10. Pacific NW says:

    It could have made a very nice bingo hall.

  11. Kirill says:

    That’s one of em ‘all wood, not a single nail’ churches

  12. Millard says:

    I hope whoever did all that beautiful woodwork is not around to see it.

  13. illlich says:

    life stinks

  14. ElMutchas says:

    There church is 1000 years old and needs to be restored

  15. Alan says:

    It appears that this is the same church as the one described on this webside:

    According to this site the church is located somewhere near the city of Vologda.

  16. Thanks for sharing, that’s a fascinated post!

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