34 Kiev Chocolate Festival

Kiev Chocolate Festival


If you dreamed of chocolate city when you were a child, Kiev chocolate festival would be just for you. It was full of chocolate sculptures and fine pictures painted with sweet brown liquid. The fountain made all of chocolate was the main item of the show attracting eyes and tongues of the public. Those, who couldn’t wait any longer, could ask for some hot chocolate in plastic cups. Attention! Don’t click for more if you are on a diet!



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34 Responses to “Kiev Chocolate Festival”

  1. Jason says:

    That chocolate looks good.

    I like the Russian chocolate candy in the shiny colorful wrapers!The vodka chocolate is good too.

  2. jaybeecity says:

    I love chocolate

  3. pimp says:

    But where is the chocolate vodka for the drunk Russians?

  4. Laurente says:

    Boring post

  5. pimp says:

    please somebody :-(

  6. Swede says:

    Now after the children put their fingers on the chocolate everyone have the flu.

  7. SSSR says:

    This is a boring post.Maybe Miss India could make it more interesting!

  8. RK says:

    Ukrainians also make a very special candy bar – salted pork fat in chocolate wrapping (сало в шоколаде).

  9. Kirov says:

    Finally there is something to do in Kiev. Apart from the historical center [4 streets or so] it is all depressing apartment buildings surrounded by countryside people looking for a future. Depressing,

    • Maxelex says:

      Oh my God! i am very tired of your Depressed continuous comments.please say something positive about your surround.i am quit serious about your mental health.go and treat yourself now, i mean now……

      • zipp says:

        is there an echo?

      • Maxalex says:

        Do you know????about the total population of both Ukraine and Russia????Russians and Ukrainians are not responsible of your “bad experiences” in your stay in the Ukraine and Russia.may be you were violate the laws of these countries and sent to jail and you “learned” some lessons.
        Don`t judge your final verdict from your own bad mentality.Russians has best humor in the world.i think you should be take some psychological treatment for the good of your mental health.BY THE WAY,WHAT WERE YOU DOING IN YOUR 15 LONG MONTHE IN COLORLESS AND BORING COUNTRIES????

        • Mathieu says:

          Sorry, i didn t want to hurt you. I did not violate the laws and was not sent to jail. Everything was normal. Also, yes I know about the whole population of Ukraine and Russia: I travelled a lot accross these countries and met many different people: there are nice and very interesting people, but as i told You, there are not enough. Also, criminality and corruption (i wouldn t say racket) kill these countries and everybody is quiet. Why they don t do a revolution against corruption and criminality? Alcohol is a big problem: whey they don t restrict or forbid it? Because most of the people are passive,as if they were between life and death. I was 15 months because I had a job to do: i left when i had the job done: this is important every has to do his job right. I was working on nuclear power plant projects: new constructions and reparations of existing power plants. Believe me, a lot of foreigners of my companies left the country after 3 months and did not finish what they had to do. I don t want to enter into polemics but people are responsibles of theirs countries, of what happen into: everybody is guilty: no excuses.I have my conclusions and you got yours. That is all. Who are you? Russian? Do You live in Russia? Only russians can live in Russia, that s why they told me.

        • Mathieu says:

          Forgive me, i didn t want to hurt you. I was not sent to jail and did not violate the laws. Everything was normal but it was not easy and different of all the countries in the world, lots. This is not only my bad experiences, this is the experience of a group of persons who were working in these countries, understand. I was in charge of construction and reparation of nuclear power plants and i know about the total population of ukraine and russia because i travelled a lot accross these countries and met a lot of different people. Also, i was 15 months because i had a job to do and i left when I had the job done.Believe me, a lot af foreigners left before, after 3 months the most of the time, job finished or not, they were not able to stay more in the country. To finish, i have my own conclusions and you have yours. That is all.

      • Maxelex says:

        Ha Ha Ha Ha ! ! !What a jock Depressed guy.i think you are the untreatable discharged mental ill person,who has long history of psycho related syndrome.you are insulting great heaven like countries of the world.if someone wanna happiness, he must be come to Russia and ukraine.God bless them.

  10. rina says:

    transvestite in pic #8

  11. TOTAL AF says:

    Hey that´s some nice choclate and the girls are even better :-)

  12. w says:

    that was the gayest post ever

  13. Galika says:

    I like the chocolate and I’m very sad about it

  14. KAG says:

    Oh man, I was hoping for more pictures of that first girl.

  15. test 1 says:


  16. test 2 says:

    ekatemo 3

  17. Mika says:

    that was the good post ever nice!!

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