9 Vladivostok War Mazes Today

Vladivostok War Mazes Today

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Today there are still such people that are interested in finding out new information about historical places. These people are real fans of their business and are ready to guard this or that place on their own.


So Vladivostok possesses one distinctive feature that no other cities have – the forts of Vladivostok stronghold. Time and people created lots of rumors and legends about these constructions.


Some people say these forts were built by Japanese interventionists, the other propose it were GULAG political prisoners. There are even several stories saying that all those involved into stronghold building process were immured into its walls afterwards and still remain there.


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9 Responses to “Vladivostok War Mazes Today”

  1. John from sunny central PA says:

    Meh, first.

  2. rk says:

    i love reading your site. i wish there were more sites like this that just showed every day life (and history) in other countries. too much americanization of the world, not enough individualism.

  3. KBR says:

    The factories in the Ural mountains are also very interesting.

  4. pimp says:

    Just another place for the drunk Russians to get drunk.

  5. NA says:

    Interesting. Looks similar to the batteries along the Atlantic coast that the british and french built in the 1600’s and later WW2 batteries on the coasts of Newfoundland.

  6. pimp says:

    I’m a fat boy too! :-(

  7. retreat says:

    Very interesting, keep it coming!

  8. Steve says:

    Just found this, don’t know how I missed it at first!
    Another great post. I live next to a fort in the UK built in the 1870’s, and am a fortification nut!

  9. Jakob Bertel says:

    Thank you for your absoluetly informative page! I’ve seen some of these fortifications where the Russky Island bridge is currently being built. But I didn’t know it was that old! I’ll take photos on my next visit, and will include them into my Vladivostok blog!


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