21 Steampunk USB-Flash

Steampunk USB-Flash

Posted on August 5, 2009 by

Russian steampunk mod

Meet another creation of Russian home brew modders. Now it’s mini USB flash drive modded to look like steam punk creations. It has moving parts that can be played with too.

To make it author had to visit the local rag fair and get some decent old-style clock gears and parts of old Soviet consumer electronic because it’s also full of some amazingly looking parts.

Russian steampunk mod 2

Also he paid a visit to a department store and got some brass pipe.

Russian steampunk mod 3

Russian steampunk mod 4

Russian steampunk mod 5

Russian steampunk mod 6

Russian steampunk mod 7

Russian steampunk mod 8

Russian steampunk mod 9

Russian steampunk mod 10

The flash drive had to be fully functional with a connector rolling in and out by twisting the outer gear.

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Russian steampunk mod 12

Russian steampunk mod 13

Russian steampunk mod 14

Russian steampunk mod 15

Russian steampunk mod 16

Russian steampunk mod 17

Russian steampunk mod 18

Russian steampunk mod 19

Russian steampunk mod 20

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Russian steampunk mod 22

Russian steampunk mod 23

Russian steampunk mod 24

Russian steampunk mod 25

Russian steampunk mod 26

Russian steampunk mod 27

Russian steampunk mod 28

Russian steampunk mod 29

Russian steampunk mod 30

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Russian steampunk mod 32

You can also get the high quality wallpaper with this thing:

Russian steampunk mod 32

source: modnews.ru

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21 responses to “Steampunk USB-Flash”

  1. who dares wins says:

    seems like a waste of time to me

  2. daniel says:

    wow, that is BEAUTIFUL!

    i wish they could start selling them online

  3. w says:

    steampunk is gay

  4. Govno says:

    Drunk Russians using computers powered by vodka.

  5. I agree with you says:

    Nice mod! It seems to be inspired in some Kin-dza-dza bizarre gadget.

  6. pimp says:

    Imagination of the Russian drunks is wild.

  7. maxD says:

    Nifty little thing. The guy clearly knows what he is doing, and is good at his work!

  8. Harry says:

    department store to buy brass pipe? Didn’t know debenhams sold it

  9. Scrat says:

    That’s a fine example of Russian genius for you.

  10. uncle john says:


  11. BoDing says:

    Rare to find a master craftsman
    I want one!!!
    This is what blue Peter should have been.

    To all you who criticise, how small you sound, how envious, and how laughable. look at it – there is nothing to criticise. Someone has made something beautiful, and this you cannot handle, you want to tear it apart because it nestles like a splinter in your comfortable world of sordid mediocrity. someone has learned to fly, and you are too scared, fear turns inward to hate and malice. throw it all away before it eats you.

  12. Mr.Green says:

    great! amazing! best steampunk mod for USB…left-hander that grounded flea (how in tale) 🙂

  13. SteamLeader says:

    eversince I saw first usb drive from russian site,i was amazed and inpsired.the guy is obviously a craftsman who knows what hes doing and should be recognised,I agree with BoDing,there is a mammoth amount of work to pull together all the bits and create it.well done from N.Z.

  14. Tacoma says:

    I love the look, very creative, obviously you’re a good craftsman and artist.

    But I’m worried about the weight of the decorations and the conductivity of the parts touching the flash drive connector.

    I know those connectors are pretty easy to snap off.

    Also, how easy is it to replace just the flash drive, if you want to upgrade or swap them out (say, if the connector snaps)?

  15. Hateful says:

    Like every other steampunk item. S-T-U-P-I-D!!!!!

  16. Das Kilen Bitte says:


  17. Erik says:

    Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful for me.

  18. Dave says:

    Nice! It took me a moment to realize that it has a functional connector cover. Your meticulous work has captured the style well…

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