16 Experimental Homemade Photography

Experimental Homemade Photography

Posted on August 5, 2009 by team

Surreal NKVD

Surreal NKVD: Catch me if you can

These photos are from a private collection of a typical Moscow family. They are dated back to 1936-1940 -  the years known as the  period of Stalin’s most cruel political repressions.  Several million people are said to be affected: sentenced, shot or sent off to labour camps.

There is a Russian movie about those times – “Burnt By The Sun” (Utomlennye Solncem), which in 1994 won the Academy Awards as the best foreign language film (imdb rating 7.9/10). The story is about love in the times of political turmoil, the love that survives all fears of purges and uncertainty. Surprisingly enough, people still managed to try and have a few laughs during those harsh times.

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The method is known as “double exposure”, when the aperture opens twice but the photo element stays in place. You might remember the principle from the days when you had a film camera and forgot to rewind the film. Neat, really. We would appreciate your comments, backlinks and retweets on this weirdly beautiful pieces of photography.

Playing cards

Playing cards

Close-up: Pack of the cigarettes

Close-up: Pack of cigarettes



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16 Responses to “Experimental Homemade Photography”

  1. pimp says:

    What a surprise drunk Russians take pictures of each other.

  2. I didn’t know, that Żubrówka was sold to Soviet Russia than. It’s really a shame, that nowadays in Germany it’s sold under pseudo-russian name “Grasovka” :-/

    • Kirov says:

      Zubrovka is Polish vodka with a grass inside. Very good ! Strange to see that women’s fashion has not changed a lot since those days. Older women still wear heavy knitted vests, flowery dresses…

  3. sabot says:

    I like the thumb-pinky-nose gesture the one lady is giving. It’s an old one in the States as well but I’ve always wondered what it is meant to represent.

    • Ole says:

      Nice catch sabot! Thumb-pinky-nose is a reference to “a long nose” which relates to humorous chagrin and sometimes Pinocchio. I think it is found in many cultures. Here in Western America it is used by children to make fun of one another – similar to sticking your tongue out.

  4. Jennidy says:

    What a great find! I’m going to post a link on Facebook.

  5. Дмитр says:

    Мне кажется это фотошоп. )))

    Причём это видно на примерах прозрачных конечностей

  6. NA says:

    I see Mel from Flight of the Conchords is listening to music.

  7. scot says:

    How the winter nights must have flown by……..

  8. pimp says:

    I like home made pornography with junkies.

  9. Marcin says:

    “Zubrowka” is the famous polish vodka! original “Żubrówka”.
    We make this vodka in Lublin City ofcours in Poland.
    See ya!

  10. aleke says:

    Stalin rules

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