26 The greatest propaganda journal of the USSR

The greatest propaganda journal of the USSR

Late 1929. The young Soviet Empire was just getting to its giant feet. Bitterness and tears of the WWI and the Civil War were already behind. The civilized and developed countries were looking at the newly emerged country in a very intent and examining way, trying to predict what this dark horse could come up with on the political map of the half-ruined world. In
Germany National Socialist German Workers' Party headed by Hitler was growing in leaps and bounds, The Triple Entente’s former allies were keeping their eyes wide open as well. That was the right time to convince the world that the new country, formed on the basis of torn and suffering Russia, had new heroes and new achievements.
Russian tanks

39 The Expired Tanks

The Expired Tanks

We all get used to those small "best before" or "expiry" labels stamped on the items from the grocery stores, but it looks like some much bigger in size things like tanks can have an expiration date too. Here's what the Russian blogger, ex soldier writes: "Last summer I visited the army camp as a soldier, in the tanks unit. And that's what we've done there. Every soldier was given a crowbar, hammers, set of wrenches and unlimited free time to crush all you can crush with all those
tools. Dashboards, electronic fillings, plastic fittings etc. can be easily first crashed, then the next step is more challenging - with wrenches you need to loose all screws you can reach." All the tanks are new, just from the warehouse. The only reason why they should be destroyed is their expiration date. They come to this tank slaughter house by their own, not towed or dragged just to become a pile of scrap metal days later.
Russian car in Kiev

19 No Chances

No Chances

That happened recently in Kiev, Ukraine. The driver of a SUV got speeding in the city, then he was moving to fast to notice the warning lights or road construction signs and went straight to the 17 meter (over 50 feet) deep pit road
workers left uncovered on the road. Down there it was met by the pingles of metal carcass, so it was literary poked through, then same moment it got on fire too, leaving absolutely no chances for the passengers.

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