Russian fallout goes Real 2

44 Fall Out for Real

Fall Out for Real

There are a lot of fans of "Fallout" game across the world. In Russia this electronic entertainment piece is widely recognized too. Sometimes the anticipation to game goes so strong that devoted people are trying to transfer the gameplay to real life, stating that some Russian abandoned locations are a perfect fit for an image of "New California" after it was bombed by nuclear missiles. Brothers of steel,
rangers, peaceful citizens, raiders and many others are those who you can meet if to visit one of those locations. "Game is so attractive when it's played for real that sometimes you even forget that this is the game", says one of the participants. "Especially if you try to keep the quality of the costumes and everything as much high and close to the game as possible", he adds.
Russian car UAZ model

28 The UAZ Model

The UAZ Model

This story was circulating around Russian discussion boards this weekend. It's about an Italian guy who got in love with... Russian car UAZ
and because of that wanted to replicate a small but almost like the real thing model of the Russian utility vehicle.
Russian cars

19 Over Stocked

Over Stocked

That's a photo of some random airport near St. Petersburg. A few years ago it
was looking like this. What's going on there let's see inside:
14 The Out-of-town Ride

The Out-of-town Ride

What can be better than a nice
refreshing out-of-town ride in the hot
Russian pet

72 The Wild Russian Pet

The Wild Russian Pet

In Russia sometimes they dare to have wild animals like pets. There are no any law regulations on what pets you can keep and what you can't, no PETA, no need to pick up your little friend's poo in special bags. You can walk with your pet anywhere on the street or
public park, no any single "no pets allowed" signs outside. Some call it chaos others call it freedom, you decide yourself. Meanwhile some photos of such wild pet living with people in just a small regular flat in big multistored building.
81 6 Russian People Who Changed the USA

6 Russian People Who Changed the USA

1) Sergey Brin – Google Sergey Brin, who was born August 21, 1973, in Moscow, became a co-founder of Google, Inc., the world’s largest Internet company, providing users with a technology of  search and a number of other important features in on-line world. In 2009 he was ranked as the 26th richest person in the world by
Forbes. He immigrated to the United States in his childhood, when he was just 6, and when Sergey grew up, he began to study mathematics, following in his father's and grandfather's footsteps. First, Brin got a diploma of the University of Maryland, and then he became Ph.D in computer science at Stanford.
Russian gifts

11 Solid Metal Animal Corkscrews

Solid Metal Animal Corkscrews

Those Russian guys from Moscow make creative corkscrews and beer bottle openers from the small metal parts,
pieces of spoons and other stuff. A small blowtorch can be really a great tool in nice hands.
Russian shuttle buran piece

12 The Piece of a Shuttle

The Piece of a Shuttle

There is a piece of what was before a glorious Russian shuttle "Buran", staying in front of one of the Moscow hospitals. It hasn't been placed there as a monument or something. People who know its history tell that once when the Soviet Union collapsed they sold much of high-technology costly hardware for just some pennies to people who didn't even know what to do with all this.
For example, this head module of Buran shuttle in some mysterious way appeared in ownership of the hospital. They couldn't find a better use for it to make a pressure chamber. Then they found out that they have not enough funds to make such chamber, so, they decided, the best use of this piece of space relic is to sell it for scrap metal.
No Casinos in Russia

22 No Casinos

No Casinos

June 30st, 2009 was the last day allowed for casinos and slot machines to operate in Russian cities. Before there were thousands of casinos of different size and level all across the
country, then year ago they were officially banned and had to relocate to three special "casino zones", territories that were assigned by law with this status.
10 Modern Arms Art in Russia (19 photos)

Modern Arms Art in Russia (19 photos)

Modern Arms Art in Russia throws back to more than 20 years. Still, it’s quite difficult to figure out general standards of the artistic approach applied in this
field and attach it to definite patterns of art areas. Of course, it is because this art niche is quite new and hasn’t developed its main features yet.

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