Skyscrapers of Moscow

40 The Seven Sisters Project

The Seven Sisters Project

„Seven sister project” in Moscow is one of most ambitious projects in mid-20th century. Between 1947 and 1953 on the orders
of Jozef Stalin they built seven similar skyscrapers that were meant to be rivals to USA’s skyscrapers.
Russian house got showered
12 The Building Shower

The Building Shower

Sometimes the buildings need showers too. In this case the underground high pressure water pipes come in very handy. When they become too
worn out they demand some attention and complain about this to houses in a furious fountain way. There is a video inside too.
18 Some Facts about Vodka in the USSR

Some Facts about Vodka in the USSR

Lenin was absolutely indifferent to alcohol, from time to time he threw back just a few German beers or a glass of Italian chianti. He would also refuse Russian strong drinks flatly and just hated drunk people. He was also a strong advocate of the dry law, which was carried into force in 1914. He had a horror of drunk soldiers with guns, and used to say that Russian would drown the revolution in vodka. The Vodka
Museum supervisor Alexander Nikishin says, that in 1917 Lenin was really shocked when he was driving by some vodka distillery ruined by soldiers and saw them kneeling down and liking the spirits flowing out right from the ground. Soon after this he ordered to shoot all marauders who dared to make an attempt on liquids. In his view, only sober proletarians of all countries could unite.
Russian stealth plane
87 Russian Stealth Jet

Russian Stealth Jet

Now Russia has its own stealth jet bomber. They promise to have it here already this year and start producing it in series starting 2010. They tell that the design
of the plane is still kept secret and those sketches are the only clue that people have, but as it is known it would be a decent F-22 competitor.
20 Coronation of Nicolas II

Coronation of Nicolas II

On  14 (26) of May, 1896 in the morning all the stalls and shops in Moscow were closed and there were no pedestrians and carriages at all -- the city seemed almost deserted. But in fact, thousands and thousands of people gathered near the Kremlin and
were waiting for the new emperor to be crowned. The area around the Kremlin was flooded with local people and guests of the city, some of them were just standing, and some of them were sitting in the amphitheatre around the square.
16 Some Facts on the Kremlin

Some Facts on the Kremlin

The Moscow Kremlin is a very old historic fortified complex at the very heart of Moscow and it has four palaces, four cathedrals, the well-known Kremlin Wall around it and great Kremlin towers. The complex used to be an official residence of the head of Russia when Moscow was its capital and is now the
government’s headquarters. Several structures were built in stone at the behest of Ivan Kalita in the late 1320s and early 1330s, and then the construction of churches began. At first the great wall was wooden, but to protect the area from fire it was demolished and the stone wall appeared.
Russian brides on parade

26 512 Russian Brides

512 Russian Brides

Yes, 512 Russian brides gathered for a Russian Bride Parade to
show west that in Soviet Russia they have Bride Pride.
Oldest Nuclear Power Plant

26 The World’s First Nuclear Power Plant

The World’s First Nuclear Power Plant

We all got used to the nuclear power plants, even if having some precautions of the phenomena itself they look like have been here for quite a while. But when did this nuclear energy extraction thing has started? The first nuclear power plant has been built in Russia or Soviet Union as it was called at that times. It has been built in high hush-hush mode, even the construction workers on site didn't know what exactly they were doing there. Then on June 27th, 1954 Russian radio stations knocked
over their listeners across the vast country and worldwide when they broadcasted the news like "In Soviet Union, thanks to the joint effort of scientists and engineers the construction of the world's first nuclear power plant with an output power of 5000 kW. The power plant construction has been completed and already produced electricity for the local Soviet agricultural objects". Today let's see how this shrine of nuclear power looks in our days.
Russian newspaper on the bag

16 The Bag Newspaper

The Bag Newspaper

In one Russian town they have started publishing newspapers on... plastic bags that you get in grocery stores. The edition is always fresh, so each time
you get back from the store you can get your portion of news, puzzles and even ads before sending the piece of plastic into trash bin.
12 Money of the Revolution

Money of the Revolution

During the Civil War in Russia more than 3000 various denominations were issued, they were valid and accepted either over the whole territory of the former empire or in some of its regions.
Some of the currency notes were really incredible and some were simply weird. Their names related to the area where they were used or to the names of local government’s heads.

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