Russian storm and hurricane

14 It’s Stormy Weather

It’s Stormy Weather

Seems like Russia becomes a land of storms lately, the previously unseen severe
hurricanes struck the cities, like this one from Novosibirsk city a few days ago.
5 The top KGB operatives

The top KGB operatives

David Szalay’s book The Innocent is published next month by Jonathan Cape. Here’s his list of the Top 10 KBG operatives, as posted over on The Times’ Comment Central blog… Vyacheslav Konstantinovich von Plehve Vyacheslav Konstantinovich was head of the Okhrana, the Tsars'
state security outfit, from 1881 to 1904. Solzhenitsyn ironically mocks his soft-heartedness, his squeamishness about 'perlustration' (the ungentlemanly practice of opening other people's mail) and the pitifully small number of people he sent to Siberia.
Russian passport

19 Identify Yourself

Identify Yourself

Here are two weird passport
photo stories.
44 The Kola Superdeep Borehole

The Kola Superdeep Borehole

The second deepest ever hole drilled, The Kola Superdeep Borehole, can be found in Russia on the Kola Peninsula. The USSR was proud of it as much as it was of its space stations and underwater vehicles. Each of its 12 262 meters (40,230
ft or over 7.6 miles) below the earth's surface. was a real revelation for scientists, and a number of anomalies and strange things that used to happen during the construction work are still food for sensations.
Russian Harry Potter party

24 The Unknown Harry Potter Stories from Russia

The Unknown Harry Potter Stories from Russia

In Russia Harry Potter is popular too, in fact it was way too popular so some book publishing companies came up with their Harry Potter clones, trying to make it sound close to original even in naming the characters, so the most two popular ones were (and still are) the Porry Gatter with its first book "Porry Gatter and the Stoned Philosopher" - you can see it's cover above, and the girlish series "Tanya Grotter" - like if Harry Potter was a
girl (on the photo below). Each series got a few sequels and got appreciated greatly by the readers. Then in order not to miss the buzz the Russian computer game producers came up with video games devoted to the stoned professor and Tanya Grotter, the first one was called "Tany Grotter and the Disappearing Floor" - for sure that disappearing floor was an evil trick of the Stoned Professor.
Kursk Railway Station, Moscow Russian

24 Get into Your Train

Get into Your Train

As all big cities Moscow city has railway station too. As a matter of fact that's not one station there but a whole bunch of it, located in different places in the city and each one serves some particular directions, often the stations named after
the direction they serve. For example to go to Ukraine, you can use "Kiev Railway Station" etc. So today here are some photos from Kursk Railway Station, Moscow. Getting on the train there might be really challenging.
Russian armaments exhibition
35 Russian Armaments Exhibition

Russian Armaments Exhibition

The formal procedure of the Exhibition opening was started with a grand marching of girls wearing hussar costumes. Before the show began any one could look at the displays – the creations of Russian plants were right at the allotted spot, and
there one could see not only the weapon of destruction, but totally peaceful tractors and excavators as well. The interesting part is that the most of the technical units in it are similar to those used in war machines.
Russian AK-47 facts Russian AK-47 facts 2

52 Facts on AK-47

Facts on AK-47

AK-47 is probably one of the most well-known Russian weaponry piece. They say it became so popular worldwide because of it's high durability (it can go for years without any kind of cleaning or special maintenance) and extreme simplicity - it has only eight moving parts and can be stripped down in one minute. In some countries of
Africa it can be bought as cheap as $12 for one piece and no any license is needed, so even children armed with the guns. Maybe that's why some of the countries of this continent have the AK-47 depiction on their coats of arms, like Mozambique on pictures above has it both on its flag and coats of arms.
31 Communal Apartments in Russia

Communal Apartments in Russia

First communal apartments, where several families live together, appeared in Russia back in the 18th century, when the landlords divided their apartments into several parts and rented them out. Such apartments had five or six rooms and a kitchen,
where all tenants cooked their food. To solve the housing problems after the October revolution the authorities allowed requisitioning of rich people’s living space for new tenants, mainly communists, soldiers and security officers.
21 Flood after raining

Flood after raining

It is common that after massive raining capital of Latvia - Riga - is
quite literally under water. Middle of June wasn't exception.

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