28 Brand New Mercedes, Not

Brand New Mercedes, Not

Posted on July 23, 2009 by

Russian Mercedes Tuning


Russian Mercedes Tuning


When one has an old W124 Mercedes he can just live with this or he can’t.

If he can’t he can build his very own new model of the car to shock the neighbors and friends, like this guy from Rostov on Don Russian city.

Such kind of tuning looks bit like the Middle Eastern modifications, I wonder if the doors are being opened in Lambo style.

Russian Mercedes Tuning 1

Russian Mercedes Tuning 2

Russian Mercedes Tuning 3

Russian Mercedes Tuning 4

Russian Mercedes Tuning 5

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28 Responses to “Brand New Mercedes, Not”

  1. ugly says:

    this car is so ugly

  2. SzFeri says:

    Not bad, but that front grill is too big.

  3. 12345667899999 says:

    wow i cant believe there is a w124 hidden in there

  4. n says:

    heh, 5.5? :)
    by it’s ugliness this car could be used in the movie ‘the inhabited island’

  5. I agree with you says:

    Money and good taste often don’t walk together.

  6. MB says:

    it was so beautiful W124…
    what has he done?…

  7. pimp says:

    I couldn’t expect anything better from a drunk Russian.

  8. YJ says:

    He ruined a perfectly good looking car, now the car looks like a prostitute created by plastic surgery, with too much makeup on.

  9. Jim Bob says:

    I guess money can’t buy taste. The car was better looking before. A W124 is probably one of the last good Mercedes models built and it is a shame to see one ruined like this.

  10. KAG says:

    What a shame, that was a early 90’s E500 built by porsche and it got totally ruined.

  11. Moskva` says:

    i doubt it was an w124 500e500, those are very sought after cars, like KAG said built with help from porshe, prob some older rusted w124

    • Chris says:

      Look at the wheel well flares, that’s the Hammer indeed.

      You’d want it to be the E500 to run away so that people don’t see the hideousness.

  12. Chris says:

    allah forbid I do this to my beloved w124!

  13. redaz says:

    i think the first image is not w124 -> w140, i think :)

  14. pimp says:

    Great looking car!

  15. fidel says:

    this webside is good but somehow it is about
    redoing history… I mean it is about great enterprice but still
    it is soemething between laughing or crying.
    I can only see the great nation of russia as
    nation of great novelist and storytellers.
    somhow the only story we see on your webside is about degrating history …about abandonet history.
    sorry for my bad english.
    it is good to laugh at stupitity and if all jokes where
    true they would be a sad story.

  16. Hollander22 says:

    Awesome great job respect to the guy

  17. Northam says:

    I wonder what happens if a car thief steals it and finds out the car is a fake.

  18. cm says:

    Now, all that’s needed is a T-90 to run it over!

    • Papa Karlo says:

      Ha! Try to do this, and the whole Rostov police will be chasing you down with machine guns. I’m sure the owner has half of the city police on his payroll.

  19. authorized1 says:

    oh my god, how ugly!

  20. Another fashion icon!

  21. 1111 says:

    Really ugly car!!!

  22. petrolhead says:

    It was a very nice car. Now it’s worthless. They actually managed to make it even uglier than Ssang Young!

  23. slighty worried and wishes there was a cold war on says:

    no offense russians but you have even worse taste with cars than the americans! makes me want to puke looking at that thing! how can you be such great engineers one moment and utterly vomit worthy the next? i still like you more than americans though.

  24. tommy says:

    Just wanted to say I enjoyed the post. You have really put a lot of time into your article and it is just great!

  25. Papa Karlo says:

    The license plate says “УЕ” which is short for “Uslovnyye yedenitsy” which is a Russian euphemism for “American dollars”. No vanity plates are allowed in Russia, so they have to use “cool” numbers and letter combinations. The funny part is that, in my understanding, the “cool” plates are not sold officially, the only way to get them is to pay a bribe.

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