35 Russian Armaments Exhibition

Russian Armaments Exhibition

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Russian armaments exhibition

The formal procedure of the Exhibition opening was started with a grand marching of girls wearing hussar costumes. Before the show began any one could look at the displays – the creations of Russian plants were right at the allotted spot, and there one could see not only the weapon of destruction, but totally peaceful tractors and excavators as well. The interesting part is that the most of the technical units in it are similar to those used in war machines.

Russian armaments exhibition 1Russian armaments exhibition 2Russian armaments exhibition 3Russian armaments exhibition 4

Russian armaments exhibition 5

One of the weapon machines is the Engineer Machine for Obstacle Clearing, it removes blockages and various stuff like hedgehog devices on the way of an armored column. Apart from this kind of obstacles, it very easily gets rid of aggressive ones standing on its way.
Russian armaments exhibition 6Russian armaments exhibition 7Russian armaments exhibition 8Russian armaments exhibition 9


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35 Responses to “Russian Armaments Exhibition”

  1. Johhny says:


    Nice armored vehicles!

  2. English Brasil says:

    This post reminds me the Lord of War movie…

  3. I agree with you says:


    More posts like this one! Keep it up!

  4. Ximlania says:

    Nice armours and mechanical stuffs but i would like to say that,almost all of these displayed stuff is belong to USSR era.hardly to see any thing newer in this exhibition.why???i don`t know,can any one add more on that? ? ?

    • Ceiling_Cat says:

      Nothing unusual about that. Military technology is nearly always old stuff that gets upgraded. Even the US army uses weapons and vehicles from the 60’s and 70’s today. To keep the military equipped with something that’s been designed recently all the time would be a huge cost, not to mention the fact that you’d constantly be using unfamiliar things with greater potential for as-of-yet undiscovered problems.

  5. dudster says:

    soviet propaganda!
    respect? … gimme a break!

  6. YJ says:

    I really wants to import some of their utility trucks into the United States because they looks cool.

  7. Whoop says:

    Nice antique stuff.

    • igla says:

      Ну и чё не продемонстрировали такие силы в Грузии, а?
      Сейчас не то время, чтобы всё это демонстрировать. Где ж они были прошлое лето во время открытия летних олимпиад?

  8. Артомон says:

    Ну и чё не продемонстрировали такие силы в Грузии, а?
    Сейчас не то время, чтобы всё это демонстрировать. Где ж они были прошлое лето во время открытия летних олимпиад?

  9. John says:

    Seems like they’ve got tonnes of money. So why are all the roads no damn good? Shame on them.

  10. castle says:

    the Russian military complex at its best.

  11. Diddledoo says:

    Yea, what will mighty ruskies do with all this stuff when they dont even have roads where to drive these. For my point of view, Medjev/Putin (its the same, Putin is behind all anyways) is just another Josif Stalin who is trying to bully western world and show the might of mother russia. In the expense of his own people of course. History repeat itself, sadly. This is just pure circus, you should see the real condition of russian army, its far away from this.

    • Niels says:

      Russians are a misbehaving lot – rude and anti-social. When Medvedev cam to Amsterdam to open the Hermitage there [june 2009] one of his aides was arrested and fined for assaulting and raping a hotel employee. No-one from the Russian delegation thought this was weird behaviour. Knowing that every hour (!!!!) a Russian woman is killed because of domestic violence I am not surprised.

  12. Cosmonut says:

    I don’t really think of Russia as a country but like another planet. If I went here it would be like a voyage to the moon or Mars or something. Yes. I think so. People look different and drive strange cars, and fly wierd planes that sound wierd. It’s not a slam, it actually fascinating. Russia is so different in most ways, it’s another planet!

  13. PhoQ says:

    15th! Woot teh winnar

  14. aki says:

    I want to see T95 early!!
    It’s cheaper and stronger than M1

  15. alibi says:

    You must be a Georgian boy since you call that little game the Russians played in Georgia a WAR. What war? It was a seek and hide funny game loved by every kid. When 9000 Russian troops drunk as usual, poorly equipped totally disabled military wise and practically illiterate were looking everywhere for 30000+ Georgian warriors to play with. Due to lack of sophisticated electronics the Russians used stone era gun sights thus they managed to find just a few dozen abandoned tanks and some other toys that the Georgians grew bored to play with. But no soldiers. The Georgians were too smart for the dumb Russians. They were trained by the NATO standards so – engaging an opponent wasn’t in their dictionary. So there was no war. So – what’s all the fuss about?

    • Kirov says:

      I do not know. I make no fuss but you do. Russia is great!!! In Georgia Russian officers had to use their own cell-phones to call to HQ, [at their own expenses of course - and the salary is like 300-700 dollars p/month] because Russian communications network was not functioning [like last 10 years I think]. Stil!!!!!

      • someone says:

        dude, stop making up numbers, $180bn in debt for the USSR and $180bn of maintenance cost for USA weaponry?what a coincidence, huhh?

        • alibi says:


          I knew I was gonna get caught red-handed.


          You’re right I was making the numbers up. No idea why. It just comes naturally after spending a few minutes on the English Russia.

          In fact interest expense for the US national debt in 2008 fiscal year was just over $451bn. It should be a bit more in 2009. http://www.treasurydirect.gov/govt/reports/ir/ir_expense.htm

          As for the USSR debt at the moment of the collapse – from my memory it should be between $150-180bn. Too lazy to look up for that. If you’ll find different data good on you – that would expose my lying nature again.

        • alibi says:

          I was saying that the USA has national debt which requires $180bn annually to service it. Nothing about the weaponry maintenance.
          In fact the interest the US paid servicing it’s national debt in 2008 fiscal year was just over $450bn.

  16. alibi says:

    Thank’s Misha.

    Following your advice I just went to S. Korea and indeed purchased a state-of-the-art equipment for a fraction of a Russian tank’s price. It’s a washing machine. It’s perfect and I love it. I’m so exited. My next trip is to Taiwan for a state-of-the-art iPod.

  17. WTF says:

    russian combat doctrine is different than that of the west. One only needs to look at the difference between the AK and M-16. ( lets not start that argument over which is better) One is for troops of one level of training, and the other is for a different level or training.

  18. CZenda says:

    They are local winos who were issued second-hand German “peavine” cammos (8 EUR trousers, 5 EUR blouse, 3 EUR beret, 10 EUR boots) to make an impression (the target were the Haute Volta buyers) that NATO is all eager to buy the Russian junk.

  19. aki says:

    Arms of Russia demonstrate a big effect by the affordable system minimal.
    For instance, AK.
    It is natural that the United States where a lot of money exists can develop high-tech weapons.
    I got tired of a high-tech German car and a Japanese car. I want to meet a Russian car of the concept like AK.
    If it is a strong car in the refined simple system, I want to buy it even if it is somewhat high. An old Japanese car and Shinkansen were developed by the engineer of the fighter and the bomber. It gets good mileage a fighter and a Japanese car of old Japan.
    Russia should move a military technology to the private company.

  20. alibi says:

    Seems like I’ve got a twin… not sure twin who brother or sister… Still – have to admit it feels good. Never had a twin… not even a dog who wanted to pretend that he was me. No canary wanted to impersonate me…

    A real twin…


    That feel good.

  21. Some1 says:

    I think that chapagne thing with bulldozers is kinda cute..

  22. authorized1 says:

    ugly metal junk,
    NATO rules

  23. Andrasone-HUN says:


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