24 The White Hill

The White Hill

Posted on July 13, 2009 by

Russian white hill

Just eighty-five kilometers (fifty miles) away from Moscow city there is a hill of white, that is absolutely alien to Russian birch-and-oak scenery.

Russian white hill 2

It stands as a tall vertical white wall if to approach it by the road.

Russian white hill 3

On top of the hill one can get by the shiny polished white road made of the same material as a hill itself. The entrance is left unguarded.


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24 Responses to “The White Hill”

  1. FailMaster says:

    Damn that’s a nice dozer!

  2. RK says:

    Those are nice photos, I didn’t know about that hill. Still, ít’s a shame that they stock that waste in open air.

  3. That’s all because of Evil Westerners, they invented pollution of environment. I hate Westerners so much, because they are evil, and their influence on Russia is disastrous.

  4. jozef says:

    nice “alien”

  5. English Brasil says:

    Nice Alien!

  6. NCares says:

    Yeaah, that’s OK…




  7. Alex says:

    I wonder, can humans make babies with aliens?

  8. English Kazakhstan says:

    That “alien” is MISS India!

  9. English Kazakhstan says:

    That alien is MISS India. Do you want to make babies with her?

  10. Alexander says:

    Are they shooting a music video?

  11. pimp says:

    Are they filming a porn movie?

  12. I surely would not be laying in the waste.

    What is phosphoric gypsum?

  13. RayJay says:

    Bubba more than a mouthful is a waste.

  14. Thera says:

    Great place for a photoshooting indeed :-)

  15. Web Hosting says:

    Looks truly incredible! Great Place to spend time for photoshoots

  16. I agree with you says:

    Would be cool ER bringing us more posts like this one. :)

  17. itsron says:

    nice hummer,that girl is out-of-this-world beautiful,alien indeed

    that place is insane looking,i see why its makes a good photo background

  18. Ex-pat says:


    do you know where the white hils are located?

  19. Mantas says:

    There is also a very simular hill in Kėdainiai,Lithuania

  20. resveratrol says:

    Good work, your articles are very interesting, i am glad that i googled your blog

  21. petrohof says:

    Phosphogypsum is radioactive due to the presence of naturally occurring uranium and radium in the phosphate ore
    just more example of huge eco distaster that was soviet union

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