35 Russian Haired Sausage

Russian Haired Sausage

Posted on July 13, 2009 by

Sausage pinned with spaghetti - haired sausage

A new dish became extremely popular among some Russian bloggers lately. Now it’s not quite clear who was the first one who invented this mod by pinning some uncooked sausage with hard spaghetti sticks and then boiling this alltogether and getting first “haired sausage” ready.

Then, publishing the outcomes on Internet caused a real wave of interest from many who wanted to try making their own haired frankfurter.

Sausage pinned with spaghetti - haired sausage 2

Sausage pinned with spaghetti - haired sausage 3

Sausage pinned with spaghetti - haired sausage 4

As one might guess different variations emerged.

Sausage pinned with spaghetti - haired sausage 5

Even the black-haired ones.

Sausage pinned with spaghetti - haired sausage 6

Sausage pinned with spaghetti - haired sausage 7

It became a real hero, and seems is still not very known abroad.

Sausage pinned with spaghetti - haired sausage 7

Some say that this dish was known to the Eastern nations before and they even erected a monument to comemorate it, as photoed in Seoul, Korea.

And here a short video footage teaching the basics of hairy sausage cooking:

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35 responses to “Russian Haired Sausage”

  1. Sausages is the invention of Evil Westerners, that’s why i hate it.

  2. pimp says:

    Only a drunk Russian could have come up with this.

  3. I dunno – looks like something from an old US Army manual: “Indigenous insects to avoid while deployed in the South Pacific”…

  4. Tuko says:

    the name of the video song

  5. Bullwinkle says:

    This looks like something Finish would invent to stick in his butt for some pleasure.

  6. RayJay says:

    I’m afraid someone out there is a sick puppy for thinking up this one.

  7. Adolfo Camara says:

    This dish looks like the “Flying Spaghetti Monster” :


  8. cm says:

    Name of the song, please!

  9. krt says:


    Stakka-Bo – Here we go again

    From Germany with love,

  10. w says:

    I will try this with my vegetarian sausages tonight

  11. Dogz says:

    hairy sausages…

    russians 😀

  12. I did it for today’s lunch…
    i had to try that one 😀

  13. Haha no way! That is soooooooooo gross!

  14. First Horseman says:

    You just have to admire Russian creativity! This is brilliant! LOLOL

  15. scot says:

    I makes me feel a bit sick….

  16. anon says:

    It’s funny how this site advertises every old thing on the internet as a russian original creation.

  17. TANCOS says:

    there are many positive things in Russia what the so called Western Democracys could an should learn from Russian culture and the Russian people.
    You do not have to show only negative informations about Russia, especially not lies

  18. meh says:

    Uh! looks like it’s eaten by worms!

  19. Fefenta says:

    What the name of the video song

  20. Jennifer says:

    What side dishes go best with this one? 🙂

    Also, do you have an article in Russian about bloggers who blog in English going nuts about bacon? 😉

  21. robb says:

    unique and gross at the same time.
    russian ftw.

  22. Solaria says:

    Oh Noes! It’s the Flying Spaghetti Weiner!!

  23. agghtea! says:

    Where has Little Miss India gone? I used to read this post for that troll!

  24. Anon says:

    How long until a flying spaghetti monster is made?

  25. Toin's says:

    This is freakin’ scary !!
    Especially the dark-haired one !!!

  26. Roza says:

    Pretty damn sure this was in an 80’s horror movie. Just sayin’.

  27. Viral News says:

    This better be a funny news!

  28. richardbird2014rbRB says:

    I saw this picture a long time ago in ER.
    Can anyone tell me what happened to the ER forum from years ago?
    There were only a few of us, Green giant, Batwoman, etc. I lost track its very sad.

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