26 The World’s First Nuclear Power Plant

The World’s First Nuclear Power Plant

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26 Responses to “The World’s First Nuclear Power Plant”

  1. too much vodka says:


  2. nuclear chem tech says:


  3. meh says:

    “Now we have a chance to look thru those 20 inch thick windows too to see what has the crane driver seen back in 1954 loading uranium capsules”…

    The unspent fuel rods/capsules are harmless. You would not even need the crane. They become lethal when the fuel is spent and new more dangerous isotopes form.

  4. zzz says:

    very nice report.

  5. PMarc says:

    While the russian claim of “first nuclear power plant” seemms undisputed, I thought worthwhile to mention that the first nuclear reactor was built by the team led by Enrico Fermi in 1942 at University of Chicago.

    There is however this “World’s first nuclear power plant” claim by the americans, according to wikipedia, at the site of the EBR-I, which is now a museum near Arco, Idaho. This experimental LMFBR operated by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission produced 0.8 kW in a test on December 20, 1951 and 100 kW (electrical) the following day, having a design output of 200 kW (electrical).

    • Sumar says:

      Those two claims were never confirmed, US government cites that it had to keep them secret

      Well too bad, Russia kept it secret too and revealed it earlier for everyone to see, hence Soviets get the credit

  6. Asad says:

    Who is the cool dude in the beard?

  7. Spooker says:

    Read that this plant indeed was the first one, however I read also that was most propaganda than a real deal. Because it was underpowered and consumed more energy to operate than its real output.

    However the first practical approach to provide energy from nuclear origin to a city is undisputable a soviet triumph (more propagandistical than real)

  8. The first nuclear power plant ran on University of Chicago campus (chicago pile 1) twelve years before this one opened; the first industrial plant nearly two full years before this one in Idaho (EBR-1); the first commercial nearly 18 months before this in Cumbria (Calder Hall, which despite what Wikipedia says was feeding the grid long before this did).

    The only way this is a first is if you restrict yourself to reactors tied to the grid, but measure by when the building was completed, rather than when it started actually feeding the grid.

    Please do some research next time.

  9. Some guy says:

    “But when did this nuclear energy extraction thing has started?”

    I stopped reading there, please proof read your work.

  10. pimp says:

    Nuclear energy is like a drunk Russian, unstable.

  11. CZenda says:

    I guess the bearded weirdo is a ghost of the crane operator. Failing that, a KGB agent supposed to keep an eye on the nuclear power station personnel who got lobotomed after being subjected to enormous doses of radioactivity and vodka.

  12. The People says:

    The First Nuclear Power Plant for president!

  13. cm says:

    Looks in pretty good shape, specially considering it’s age and the state of other soviet equipement (subs, etc.).

  14. Mariska says:

    This is so cool! I bet it would still be functionable =D

  15. DAnNZ says:

    Magic 16!!! yeeya

  16. aes fan says:

    1942 – Chicago Pile CP1 – First controlled chain reaction in a nuclear reactor, 0.5 watt , (US)
    1951 – EBR1 – Idaho – First electricity generating nuclear reactor , 200 kW, (US)
    1954 – Obninsk AM1 – Atom Mirny Piervy – First Nuclear Power Plant , 5 MW,(Russia)
    1956 – Calder Hall 1 – First Commercial Nuclear Power Plant, 50 MW, (England)

  17. Ale says:

    You are all wrong. The first critical nuclear fission “reactor” was a natural uranium deposit called the “Oklo” deposit. Went critical during precambrian period.


  18. Ants Baits says:

    Wow, Some rare to see pictures of this power plant with rich history. Thanks for sharing.

  19. An interesting article, amazing !!!

  20. Frank says:

    I liked the article, and thought it was very interesting. Thank you.

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