16 The Bag Newspaper

The Bag Newspaper

Posted on July 7, 2009 by

Russian newspaper on the bag

In one Russian town they have started publishing newspapers on… plastic bags that you get in grocery stores.

The edition is always fresh, so each time you get back from the store you can get your portion of news, puzzles and even ads before sending the piece of plastic into trash bin.

Russian newspaper on the bag 1

Russian newspaper on the bag 2

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16 Responses to “The Bag Newspaper”

  1. tsuki says:

    town?? all tel. numbers on this bag have Moscow area code.

  2. LiraNuna says:

    I guess it’s because of the internet era. People find it easier to go online and read the news instead of going and buying newspaper. People no longer subscribe to hardcopy newspaper delivery services like people did 10 years ago.

    Good idea to make money from ads.

  3. lv says:

    (sorry for double post, I thought that they didn’t post it because of the language)

  4. Russell says:

    If I had to pay for a plastic bag, it might as well have something useful on it like the News. What a great idea

  5. pimp says:

    Good to carry a few bottles of vodka.

  6. Pigpen says:

    Whereas elsewhere in the world theyre encouraging re-using old bags, here theyre almost encouraging getting new bags every time you go shopping…

  7. Cockmaster2009 says:


  8. Cossack says:

    Vodka… Check.
    Caviar… Check.
    Pickles… Check.
    Rye Bread… Check.
    Everything wrapped in propaganda and advertisements… Check!

    Let’s go.

  9. ds handbags says:

    It is good information!

  10. Daniel Antal says:

    Their boss said he would not mind a few extra C degrees in Siberia, regarding climate change. Why don’t print a newspaper that will be around in the next few 10,000 years.

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