12 Money of the Revolution

Money of the Revolution

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During the Civil War in Russia more than 3000 various denominations were issued, they were valid and accepted either over the whole territory of the former empire or in some of its regions. Some of the currency notes were really incredible and some were simply weird. Their names related to the area where they were used or to the names of local government’s heads.


Old emperor money was not out of town at all – they were put on ice and some people really hoped that the revolution would step back and those notes would come into use again. The World War I and the Revolution needed metal for military necessities, that’s why almost all the metal coins (silver, bronze and copper) of various values disappeared – so, before beating swords into plowshares, they had to beat coins into these swords. Of course, the actual value of new currency was not high, but still people had to use something for buying and selling even at the time when food used to be the hardest and most desirable currency.


A 50-karbovanets note had a lot of signatures. Almost no one believed this money was stable, and that’s why people who gave the note in exchange for some goods had to affix their signature. So, it was not the note itself and its name that guaranteed its value, but the name of the buyer.


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  1. YJ says:

    First, cool

  2. ll Uncool J says:

    Yo! You all must have had some funny-ass looking wallets to put them square bills into.

  3. Descriptions have nothing to do with images :-/

    “Paper money was easy meat for counterfeiters and so it was at a very low price, for example, Nikolai Yudenich’s notes cost just 5 German marks for 1000 roubles. These were printed with a portrait of the overthrown tsar Nicholas II.”

    And i see 10 roubles above and 1 rouble below. WTF?

  4. And here’s an example of soviet money with svastika depicted on them:


  5. Jason says:

    I would like to ad these notes to my uncirculated soviet collection.

    I like the circulated Russian Federation notes I brought back better,they are all the same size.

  6. beaulieu says:

    Very interesting, and great images, thanks.

  7. Lovely says:

    Money of the Revolution

  8. yomosaho says:

    This is a really interesting subject, but a DREADFUL post. The descriptions are totally meaningless.. 50 karbovnets note is described, but it’s nowhere in the photos, and none of the other descriptions make any sense in relation to the photos. FAIL.

  9. Gintas says:

    I have all these notes ;)))
    so huge…: )

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  11. I like that the money has character. It isn’t all one size, one color, and centrally controlled. It seems like each region or supplier of money could have their money be worth more or less than others. That seems better than just a unified money supply.

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  12. Rebecca says:

    I am fan of old money so I really enjoyed these old bills. Thanks for collecting them at one place.

    Rebecca, virus protection free

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