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Posted on July 3, 2009 by

No Casinos in Russia

June 30st, 2009 was the last day allowed for casinos and slot machines to operate in Russian cities.

Before there were thousands of casinos of different size and level all across the country, then year ago they were officially banned and had to relocate to three special “casino zones”, territories that were assigned by law with this status.

No Casinos in Russia 1

The casino owners were not believing this, trusting in their powerful lobby that had to abolish this bill and let the things stay as they were before, so nobody has done anything regarding the relocation to the approved places, in fact those places stayed just raw pieces of woods with even no any signs of urbanization, that’s how strong their belief in the lobby was.

No Casinos in Russia 2

And then the July 1st, 2009 came and the miracle hasn’t happened, the casinos were closed. They say that 500,000 people become jobless as a result of this act, though it’s not clear if those are real numbers or another propaganda issue from Casino lobbists.

No Casinos in Russia 3

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22 Responses to “No Casinos”

  1. Casinos in the invention of Evil Westerners.

    • Miss India says:

      OMG Russia are so immature they have to be FORCED to close down casino because they cannot control themselves with their money, while we made casino a 500 billion dollar business in the west :(

  2. English Brasil says:


    There’s always a hot girl in a cassino…

  3. jozef says:

    russians got balls

  4. Auslan says:

    Think of how many people waste their life savings, because they have no self control, many more then 5oo,ooo jobs were saved!

    Smart person, who created that act.

  5. Indy75 says:

    Where are the three special “casino zones” ? Seaside as I guess (at least, it was long like that in France) ?
    Also think that, for once, Russian politicians got balls… Or maybe more certainly, someone got a better interest for himself than 500000 employees. Anyway, it is better that way I think…

  6. zipp says:

    Mostly run by Georgian mafia… good riddens!

  7. Tim says:

    I think it’s a big step backwards. Freedom means that you have to take responsibility. You should be free to gamble, and free to become a beggar if you want.

    • Russianlynxy says:

      Not during economical hardship and not when the fate of the nation depends on it. Most of these casinos are run by the Russian Mafia anyway… or Georgian/Chechen gangs.

      • Anrkist says:

        So take them from the mafia and make them state controlled like the US did in the 70s.

        • Ugly American says:

          In the US, casino ownership went from the mob to the corporations not the state.

          Today, US casinos are regulated at the state level ranging from Nevada (very pro-player is best for biz in the long run) to the casinos on the Indian Reservations which are scams. They own the casino & they own the court you complain to.

          The thing is people have always gambled. When you ban stuff that people want, you just make criminals rich and powerful. If Putin cared about helping people for real, he would break the back of the banking cartel.

  8. poker says:

    nice photos dude!!

  9. Dr. Chaos says:

    Ha Ha The house loses ! Looks like some demolition workers found employment dismantling those garish edifices of sin ! Go Putin Go !

  10. Melanie Long says:

    i happen to have some gambling problem. i am addicted to poker and blackjack that i lost 1,000$ in one night.-..

  11. Esme Fisher says:

    sometimes, gambling problem is very very difficult to solve.-*`

  12. Gambling is a reckless behavior, just like drug use. The only way to control such reckless behavior is to ban it completely

  13. gambling problems are sometimes hard to cure, and it could lead to financial meltdown too .,

  14. my gambling problem have become uncontrollable in the past few years and i had to get a therapist to control it’`.

  15. well you can say that gambling problems are very hard to cure because it is also an addiction';’

  16. Yeah gambling is an addiction if you don’t control it yet it is time of fun where meets lifebut if want to manage your time and money well: just logon to Itunes and search for Pokie Timer it is better way of managing the time that we spend in spend Gambling at Casinos. it is really great

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