Russian girl parking

23 Parking Sensor Fail

Parking Sensor Fail

This Russian girl was parking her Land Rover SUV and was moving backwards. Then her car fell down from the edge and smashed a few cars parked down there
too. Then the girl was asked: "Why did you do this?", and her answer was "Well, my parktronic (the parking assist system) was silent!".
Russian house

11 Shed House

Shed House

One might think this houses in Smolensk city, Russia are preparing for their summer skin shedding, and become more brown. In reality that's how the local house maintainers are making
houses coldproof. They just put raw PU foam on the walls, around the flats and with some time the fawn-coloured foam starts looking like this brownish substance.
Russian blondes in Riga

50 Blonde Day

Blonde Day

This weekend they had the Day of
the Blonde in Riga.
30 Drunk Children

Drunk Children

Sooner or later such scenes become the norm in the
modern world where drinking is considered to be OK.

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