12 Beaten by Cops, Not

Beaten by Cops, Not

This Russian guy was driving 100 mp/h (around 160 km/h) across the Moscow city late at night and was stopped by road patrol. First he tried to bribe the policemen and get away with that speeding, but for some reason they refused. "Ok", said the driver guy, "Then I would sue you for beating me!". "Beating you?", asked the road cop in surprise. "Yes, yes",
was the answer from the backseat of police car, and then... he starting punching himself violently in his face. The cop looked at this for a few seconds and then said the phrase which revealed why they were so precautios and also calmed down the driver a lot: "You are on the camera boy." FAIL. The footage itself is below.
Russian bride and groom

19 Pretty Russian Bride, Not

Pretty Russian Bride, Not

Who said that all the brides
should be pretty?
19 The Brave Blonde and Cruel Cop

The Brave Blonde and Cruel Cop

Today we have two pretty cool videos from Russia. First one (above) was made by surveylance cam and shows how guys from the SUV car forced the guy on Honda to pull over to the sideway because it looks like he got to close to them. They were pretty rude with him and then the brave blonde came into play. The
second video is about Russian policeman. He forced his children from an early age to do things like: walk on broken glass, cut hands with knives and more more more. In Russia he was not sued for this, on contrary he became a sort of star. Watch those crazy things his daughters do.
Russian space museum 1

36 The Russian Space Museum

The Russian Space Museum

How about paying a visit to Russian Space exploration museum? If it seems like a good idea then come inside for it. The Yuri Gagarin greats your in the hall and invites to see seventy more photos of what inside. This is the
world's first biological satellite, in which Russian dog "Laika" has made its first flight in 1957. It's of actual size on display. And here her colleague "Belka". And Belka's partner "Strelka".
Steampunk wear

19 Steampunk Wear

Steampunk Wear

The author of paw shoes we had recently is fond of creating many other
weird "Steampunk wear" styled items like those we have today.
Russian driver hit

10 Beware Flying Particles

Beware Flying Particles

A story of a Russian guy going home by the highway and then his car's windshield hit suddenly by a 10 inch (25 cm) metal particle which depleted from the ahead moving lorry truck was popular today in Russia. Having a nice reaction a lot of luck he managed to lean left when the thing still hit him
into the right should and then made a nice hole in the back seat. The driver of the truck that presented him this metal thing first slowed down for a second but then probably decided it's better not to he got away to the next exit. So beware moving behind the trucks!
Russian roads

16 Durex for Brad and Hit Tuareg

Durex for Brad and Hit Tuareg

Meet Ivan Brad, 38, senior road inspector of Russian road police unit. Some PR guys of Omsk city decided to get more attention from the drivers by putting full sized Brad Pitt faced figures that they call "Ivan" on the roads of the city. And same time young lady of Moscow, Ms. Anna, decided
to conduct her own attention experiment. You can see her driving license on the photo above together with the creative wrapping she made. It includes two Durex thingies in it, so her strategy was to look how the policeman's face changes when he gets such kind of ID.
Russian Carmageddon

15 Real World Carmageddon

Real World Carmageddon

"Carmageddon" was a name of the video game, which was racing in general, but the task for the participating drivers was to destroy the cars of the competitors and with that gain a victory. Now in
Russian city Novosibirsk they have races with around the same rules. The only task is to destroy. And while there would your competitor's car still running then you have not won.
Abandoned Russian palace in Abkhazia 26

42 Abandoned Prince’s House

Abandoned Prince’s House

Today we have a series of very nice piece of architecture staying abandoned for quite a lot already. It is from Abkhazia region, the place that was under Russian rule long before communists came to power. It's located on the Black Sea and was so beloved by old Russian upper class that they called it "Russian Riviera". This place has probably the most picturesque abandons from ex Soviet places. We had once the old abandoned railway station from there, if you don't remember take look here it was very nice looking series too. Today some shots of the
abandoned Prince's House, built almost two centuries ago by special Royal order. That's how it looked when prince got it. It was not very long the prince could enjoy it, the communists took over and nationalized most of the luxury property in Russia. During Soviet Era the house was turned in elite summer residence for Moscow higher up men. That's how the placed look when it was conversed to the Hotel "Seagull" by the personal order of J. Stalin So let's see what's left there today.
Russian news

16 Live Maggots, Spectacular UFO and more

Live Maggots, Spectacular UFO and more

Today's edition of short stories being popular in Russia lately. Some of them too small for a separate post but fits well in one big. The first photo
here is about some grand-dad and a bear, though some say he is gipsie, not Russian, anyway let's go inside to see what's more.

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