Russian lunch

11 The Success Cafe

The Success Cafe

One tired trucker was heading home thru the highway and has spotted the cafe called "Success" on the sidewalk. "Nice place to take a break and have a lunch", he probably though and pulled over. Later, when
a pleased guy was leaving an eatery with a pleasent heaviness of the abundant lunch all he could see is his truck on fire. What's written down is not always the truth was a moral.
Russia at war

43 WW2 Aerial Shots

WW2 Aerial Shots

Shots mainly made by "Luftwaffe" pilots during WW2
while flying over Russian cities.
9 Some Videos 10

Some Videos 10

Some videos for today. The first one is about the Russian truck ZIL which tries to beat the river loaded with saw wood. Second one is about some guy who uses something that would you never think of to fool the other fellow drivers on the road pretending that those are police blinkers. In the next video you can see how it actually looks like on the road: Road police should be mad, but they really can't do anything with someone having a pair of baloons attached to his SUV's roof. And from the great distance it looks pretty decieving. Next two about Russian army. First
is probably how someone might perceive it. And that's how the young soldiers entertain guys whose service comes to an end. It's an old tradition, but before it was called a "Train for Grandpa". The younger ones call the longer serving soldiers "Grandpas".Now they have bikes instead the trains, but the scenery is being generated same old way. Now if in winter they used ropes for group jumping from the railway bridge, now they jump without anything. And that's it for today, ladies and gentlemen.
Izhevsk, Russia

31 Izhevsk City

Izhevsk City

Welcome to Izhevsk
Russian Public Service

16 Russian Public Service Ad

Russian Public Service Ad

Weird public service ads appeared in Russian city Slaviansk-na-Kubane. If
you take a closer look you'll agree it uses strange approach.
Russian girl

53 Yet Another Date

Yet Another Date

This girl was spotted on Russian facebook clone for some strange hobby she had. Looks like she
has published there every single date she made and seems she had a lot of them.
Russian photoshop

10 Photoshop Master 20

Photoshop Master 20

This shot from some kind of parade became
inspirational for Russian photoshop lovers.
Aral Sea, Russia

31 The Aral Sea [updated]

The Aral Sea [updated]

The Aral Sea was once one of the largest seas of the continent. It was fed up by two powerful rivers that were later turned away by the decision of Soviet authorities.
They started using water of those rivers for agriculture and just look how it dramatically changed the look of the sea, which is now a mere puddle.
Fish loaf

11 Psychodelic Loafs

Psychodelic Loafs

One Russian blogger is making those psychodelic loafs and
canes - colorful and some even glow in dark.
Russian Soviet youth

56 Soviet Punks

Soviet Punks

In Soviet Russia... Well, in Soviet Russia the state tried to control everything and such things like music people were listening or the cloths people were wearing was under strict regulation. School children in every Soviet school had to wear uniforms and were obliged to buy it each year. There were no single school where kids were dressed in color nice cloths - everyone was wearing the one and only styled form in Russia at
that time. Same story was on the streets. If the police have spotted someone looking weird he could be easily taken to psychiatric clinic and treated there with severe mind altering stuff. Still, some, especially closer to the times when the Soviet Union ceased to exist started breaking this barrier and their extraordinary looks shocked people. Here are some of the photos from that times.

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